Message of the Day – Irony

The authors of the 2009 edition of Township Officials of Illinois’ “Laws and Duties Handbook” are from the law firm of Ancel Glink.

The handbook’s lead author is Grafton Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. The 37-page court order from McHenry County Judge Michael Caldwell upheld her firm’s dismissal by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

Not only she, but her method of allowing the Grafton Township Board of Trustees majority to take control of day-to-day operations–via creation of a Township Administrator, the first in McHenry County–was ruled a violation of the township supervisor’s elected role. See


Message of the Day – Irony — 3 Comments

  1. My guess is that the Handbook doesn’t get revised by the author(s) to reflect the significance of Judge Caldwell’s decision.

    When that doesn’t happen the title should change to “Political Handook”

  2. It is standard practice for law firms to have the opportunity to “revise” the handbook to reflect legislative and/or legal precident changes every so often although most don’t put their name on it. The “authors” of the code include court rulings and legislative actions going back to the early to mid 19th Century

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