Lakewood’s Red Tail Golf Course in Trouble

Besides the transfer of fire protection from the privatized service provided by American Emergency Service Corporation to the Woodstock Fire Protection District, the other issue I found interesting was that the village golf course is in financial trouble.

Compare this Red Tail Golf Course club house with that of the Huntley Park District below.

The result was that the village board voted to tax property taxpayers for the entire amount owed in the last year of the non-referendum bond issue.

Blamed for the inability to make a profit was the lack of a decent club house.

Red Tail now uses cobbled together trailers which do not produce much food and beverage sales.

There is so little money left in reserve that there may not be enough to operate for a full year in the near future.

Gene Furey

After looking at the figures new Trustee Blake Hobson said, “I don’t see a new building.”

A need for $50,000 in capital improvements was mentioned by Trustee Gene Furey.

Explaining the competition, he told of visiting Oak Ridge Golf Course and stopping in a couple of years ago.

Erin Smith

He asked the price per round and was told that it was $80.

He reported it was down to $35 now.

“We’re worried about the short-term,” Village President Erin Smith said.

“If we have the same revenues we have this year, we may not be able to run it all year.”

Carl Davis

Trustee Carl Davis pointed out that the bond tax had been abated in total for 8 years and in part a ninth year.  ( I so vividly remember the $500 a year golf course tax during the 1990’s.  Those with more valuable homes obviously paid more.)

Pinecrest Golf Course on Algonquin Road.

Davis pointed to the downturn in revenue being caused by

  • a downturn in the economy
  • Turnberry Country Club
  • the Huntley Park District course

I asked how much it would cost in terms of cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

The answer was 21 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

Blake Hobson

“I loath this tax,” Hobson said.

“I don’t think a municipality has any business owning a for-profit (business).”

During the discussion, I suggested selling the course, which Smith interpreted as leading to the construction of town homes. I was thinking single family homes, but her point that selling the course would negatively affect the value of the homes fronting on the course is accurate.

An opponent of the proposed SportsPlex shared this idea with me yesterday:

“Maybe the Village should think about selling the Red Tail land to the sportsplex developer.

“You would eliminate the Red [Fox]Tail debt, sewer and water is already there (saving Lakewood $5-6 million), golfers could move to Turnberry and help it out of debt and give Lakewood some revenue, and Lou Malnati’s would love the traffic.

“On top of all these increased funds to Lakewood, how about all the added real estate tax revenue that Lakewood would now get for this developed property?

“They would still have the corner to develop when the economy improves and they can afford sewer and water.

“Sounds like a win-win.”

The screams you hear from those around Red Tail probably echo those living near the proposed SportsPlex location west of Route 47.

Unlike the opponents to the current proposed location, however, those living around Red Tail can vote in the upcoming Lakewood village elections.


Lakewood’s Red Tail Golf Course in Trouble — 13 Comments

  1. The village should not be running a for-profit business.

    I was under the impression that the village promised taxpayers way back when that the golf course would never cost the taxpayers a dime. Sounds like the same song we’re hearing about the sportsplex.

    The village of Lakewood couldn’t run itself out of a paper bag.

    The street conditions were horrible over the weekend, because they don’t have money for salt.

    What are my incredibly high property taxes paying for if the roads aren’t clear? If you were on Lakewood Rd. on Sunday, you definately knew when you arrived

    in Lakewood since your car was sliding off the road.

    We need better government here.

    Let’s vote out all the incumbants and get some people on the board who don’t have ulterior motives.

  2. And the first cry baby appears.

    Sunday was extremely cold, windy, with lots of drifting snow.

    You do realize salt is pointless and dosent do anything in those conditions and temperature, right?

    Of course you wouldn’t, because you just whine and moan hiding behind your monitor.

    Slid off the road? I doubt that and it appears if that’s true you were driving too fast for the conditions.

    Not enough money for salt?

    Very untrue, check your facts first or show up and ask at the next board meeting, instead of posting your unintelligent absurd rants on a blog. Grow up and man up.

    Be an adult. I don’t even live there but know you have no clue about anything.

  3. Hey Smart-A$$ , You sure have quite the attitude about Cybor ghost Bloggers when you are one yourself. Why don’t you man up and use your real name when your talking out your backside. You could show a little more tact towards someone you disagree with. You have no clue !!

  4. Just to keep things accurate, it should be noted that the name of the Huntley golf course is Pinecrest, not Pinehurst.

  5. Whoa. Where are the adults? Name calling is childish. Seems like you should be trying to solve the problem instead.

  6. Putting the Sportsplex at Red Tail seems to be an excellent idea for Lakewood, saving the village (and ultimately the taxpayers) and developers a huge amount of money.

    Utililties are in place and it is a large enough piece of land, all in one parcel.

  7. I’m sure the citizens of Lakewood would have lots to say if you tried to put the Sportsplex on Redtail property.

    The current planned location isn’t even in Lakewood proper. The uprising against the sportsplex would be huge if the people of Lakewood were actually affected by the day to day operations of the Sportsplex.

  8. Hey Smart. If you don’t even live in Lakewood, how would you have knowledge of the salt situation? Why would you even bother commenting? I get it, you’re one of our fine public works employees.

    Maybe you should man up. I don’t see your name listed anywhere. You should be driving the streets of Lakewood during the next weather event. See how you like em!

  9. I have tissues for you…lol…you sound like someone took your favorite toy away…whhhhhaaaaaa. I am embarrassed for you.

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