Competition Sparse for Grade School Board Spots

The filing has just ended, but lots of grade school board candidates in McHenry County are assured of election.

Here at Election Central, McHenry County Blog declares the fifteen candidates listed below elected.

In Fox River Grove Grade School District 3, there are four openings and four candidates, so there is no contest.

4-year Term (three to be elected)

  • Jertry Blohm
  • Thomas Mollet
  • Devin Bright

2-year (one to be elected)

  • Stephen Pickering

McHenry Grade School District 15 is another district where there is no contest.  Get enough signatures to place yourself on the ballot and you won.

2-Year-Term (one to be elected)

  • John O’Neill (incumbent)

4-Year-Term (three to be elected)

  • Mike Hettermann
  • Paul Santopadre
  • Patrick Miller (incumbent)

In Cary Grade School District 26, the candidate for the two-year term is assured of election:

  • Floyd Myers (one to be elected)

There are four seats that will be on the ballot in Wonder Lake (Harrison) Grade School District 36 and four candidates.  All will obviously win.

Two-year term (one to be elected)

  • George Wood

Four-year term (three to be elected)

  • Linda Amettis
  • Karen Parks
  • Laurie Alsot

Prairie Grove Grade School District 46 has but two candidates for three vacancies. Democratic Party candidate for County Board, Lori McConville is one of them.  She will win pubic office, as will the other candidate who filled.

  • Khushali Shah
  • Lori McConville

The deadline for filing a write-in candidacy with the McHenry County Clerk is Thursday, February 3, 2011.  Get more votes than any other write-in candidate and you’re elected.


Competition Sparse for Grade School Board Spots — 4 Comments

  1. I know im not that smart BUT why in the hell somebody run against John Oneill for school board? all of his kids are home school. Wake up McHenry.

    Nunda Township wake up also Lori McConville the Demacrap will win something . Lori is the person that wants 20 millions dollars from your Township, so dont get all mad if your taxes goes up in Nunda, better get 2 write-ins. HELLO

  2. Thumb: Agree on McConville, disagree on O’Neill. He pays property taxes too, doesn’t he? There are times when home schooling and school districts have interests and issues, why is he excluded?

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