Outdoor Christian Manger Scene, Home Vandalized in Crystal Lake

Tuesday night, the home of former Crystal Lake City Councilman Fred Wickham and his wife Lynn, owner of Wickham’s Interiors in Downtown Crystal Lake was vandalized.

The manger someone found distasteful is an enlargement of the car sticker developed by St. Margaret and Mary Catholic Church in Algonquin.

The manger was dragged out onto Blue Mound, where it was discovered by Crystal Lake Police.   Blue Mound runs into Wedgewood from the south.

The supports for the Wise Men's camel are seen sticking up in the air.

Representations of the Wise Men, shepherds and their animals were knocked over.

The spot light be broken.

The creche was lit by a spotlight.

Paint ball damage was inflicted on the front of the house.

Are Christian symbols now open game in Crystal Lake?

Was this a “hate crime?”


Outdoor Christian Manger Scene, Home Vandalized in Crystal Lake — 1 Comment

  1. Two of the nicest people in the world. What a shame.

    What has become of our world?

    Good Political debates, Im all in.

    But this…..I think we should all stand as one in condeming this behavior.

    I’ve never seen Fred without a smile. I’m sure he and Mrs. Wickham will be just fine.

    What about our society as a whole. I think we are in trouble.

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