Transcript in Last Zane Seipler Wrongful Termination Court Hearing – Part 4

December 24th, McHenry County Blog ran the first part of the December 15, 2010, transcript of a Rockford hearing before Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney. December 25th, the second part was published with the third installment published yesterday. This is part 4.

THE COURT: Tell me what do you have to have until you can try this case. Let’s try this case.

MR. HORWITZ: The other issues that are outstanding are you ordered the deposition of three individuals, Bruketta, Jones, and Pyle.


MR. HORWITZ: Pyle is the gentleman that — okay. So, the attorney for — so, Bruketta and Jones, their depositions went.

THE COURT: Pyle did not.

MR. HORWITZ: Pyle, his attorney offered December 22nd, and I don’t have confirmation from counsel. I think yesterday by e-mail I submitted it out to everybody, and I think — I’m going to guess that we’re good on December 22nd, but I don’t have confirmation.

THE COURT: What else do you need besides Pyle?

MR. HORWITZ: Milliman’s deposition to complete. He secured his own counsel.

THE COURT: How many hours have you had with Milliman?

MR. HORWITZ: Well, I think I probably have some questions for about three hours or so, and defense counsel was in the middle of asking questions.

THE COURT: How much time do you need to clean up?

MR. SOTOS: We just need a couple hours, Judge. I’d say three’s plenty. We had planned to finish his deposition in accordance was this final deadline. We were told — we brought Mr. Milliman in for his dep. He said that he had secured counsel. So, we didn’t take the dep. We called his counsel, who said that he has not talked to Deputy Milliman, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So, that’s the one thing that we weren’t able to get done by the 15th.

THE COURT: Did Deputy Bruketta actually say that he misidentified 140 individuals as Caucasians in 2008?

MR. SOTOS: That’s being looked into right now, too, Judge. But he did say —

MR. HORWITZ: The answer is yes, Judge.

MR. SOTOS: I don’t know if he said 140 or not, but he may — I know that he said that there was a whole host of people who appeared to be Hispanic surnames. Many of them just spoke Spanish, and they were marked as Caucasian on tickets.


MR. HORWITZ: Judge, just so you know —

THE COURT: I’ll get back to you.

MR. HORWITZ: — I don’t say things that aren’t straight on the record.

THE COURT: No, no. I’ll get back to you. I just –I’m asking.

Now, do you have any other deputies that hit numbers like that? Has anything in discovery shown someone else that misidentified that many people?



THE COURT: I mean, because that seems — the reason I’m asking, counsel, I’m not a deputy. I’m not in sheriffs’ departments. I don’t know. Maybe people just don’t pay attention when they mark these boxes. I mean, is this something that you would consider — not to bind your client, not to make an admission.


THE COURT: But would you consider it average for — not to be used by you. Okay? Average —

MR. HORWITZ: Well, hold on a second. Where do I put this? Where do I put what I learn right now?

THE COURT: Yeah. Well —

MR. HORWITZ: I could put it in a vault somewhere?

THE COURT: Then I’m not going to ask you the question.

MR. HORWITZ: Okay. Do you want to go off the record?

THE COURT: All right. Then I won’t ask the question. No, no. I won’t ask the question. I’ll just state it. Seemed high to me. Okay? What else do you need?

MR. SOTOS: It seemed high to the department, too, Judge. Probably leads to the next topic that he’s raised.

THE COURT: Yeah. I don’t even know how you do that, unless you’re just sloppy.

MR. HORWITZ: Well, he was trained in March of ’08. He admitted in his deposition he received his second bout of training attributable to how to properly mark tickets in March of ’08, and it was after March of ’08 where at least a hundred other tickets were marked incorrectly.

THE COURT: Okay. What else do you need? You’ve got Pyle. You’ve got three more hours to clean up Milliman.

More tomorrow.


Transcript in Last Zane Seipler Wrongful Termination Court Hearing – Part 4 — 18 Comments

  1. Have been looking at all of this for a long time and can no longer be silent.

    They will try to tell you anyone saying these things has a screw loose. Do not fall for it.

    As a 40 yr resident, I am sure that it is all accurate.

    They will go so far as lie under oath, make deals and they alll need to go along to CYA.

    The net is close and they all have something on each other. They is how they keep control.

    Remember the “Blue Wall”.

    It is very strong here.

    Remember Serpico. This guy has goood comendations and was good enough to work all of the years he went with the program.

    Citizens, do not let the Sheriff and his minions snow you.

  2. Ok…we keep hearing there were some blockbuster revelations in this testimony…still waiting…I mean I get that Seipler got caught signing documents that weren’t exactly true and now wants to bring down every other deputy he can and sling mud at any other he can imply something about…but how does this change that he signed a document saying a passenger was speeding?

  3. kid – I have been reading your blather way tooo long. You are going off on Seipler all the time to deflect.

    What is said under oath and a result of depositions is the issue. It will be another case.

    This is a Milliman issue. Perhaps for the Dept. of Justice.

    I am thinking that after all you have said (under many names) you are one that is worried and part of it all.

  4. Also, Kid, if you read the transcipt carefully, you will find that the deputies that have been honored with promotions are the ones that wrote hundreds of false tickets and their lawyers concede this.

    They are STILL WORKING. You are sounding like a royal idiot!!

  5. I do not believe lawyers, as officers of the court, are allowed to alleged “facts” if there is no evidence to support their claims.

    From what I have read both Sotos and Horwitz are well known and who one would condsider “high powered” attorneys.

    (Sotos has argued in front of the Supreme Court and Horwitz has won the largest Civil Rights lawsuit in Midwest history.)

    I have to believe that before either of these men would allow the other to speak without a factual basis they would object or state for the record that something is a miss and “sanctions” should be envoked.

    You do realize in the law enforcement world you only have to have Probable Cause to arrest someone. From these transcripts there appears to be Probable Cause to arrest Nygren and this Bruketta deputy.

    Since when is the testimony of a sworn deputy not Probable Cause? If that is not Probable Cause then no on would ever be arrested.

    (Examples: speeding ticket, cop’s word vs. driver, obstruction of justice (lying to police officer) cop’s word vs. offender)

    If this Milliman is lying, shouldn’t Nygren arrest him for perjury? He was under oath when he testified, right?

  6. Where is the McHenry County States Attorney? Why haven’t they announced that they are going to investigate these claims.


    I think all citizens should be very concerned that one entity, the Sheriff and another entity, the States Attonrey, cannot Help the people who may well need to be protected from what appears to be a criminal conspiracy,


    because they are BOTH dirty?


    With these allegations on the table, ALL involved should immediately be removed from their positions, yes, Nygren as well, until this is sorted out by State or Federal Authorities.


    Solicitation to commit murder is a Federal crime if Im not mistaken?


    Was this court hearing based upon a ‘motion?’ if so, there must be names mentioned as intended victims. Who are they and why did Nygren want them dead?


    Who is protecting these people including the Deputy who has come forward?


    Why didn’t the deputy arrest Nygren for Solicitation to commit murder?


    Now I hear the Deputy had in fact participated with Nygren in the past, and was hooked up via the FBI… do they have any of this on tapes?


    The Deputy has from what I hear, been pulled off duty? What about Nygren, he still commands men with guns and arresting powers after a sworn law enforcement officer has under oath, made all these claims that he has first hand knowledge of?


    It appears this information has been known for sometime now, but it appears that things are business as usual around McHenry County Gov. center.

    No statement from the States attorney either?


    My god, this is just to unreal, its as if McHenry County is its own country and its dictators do as they please.

    This is a very disturbing situation and I for one, am glad I am not in need of any help from McHenry County law enforcement community.

    Didn’t some guy come out and make statements on this blog or some other blog that everything we are now seeing was going to happen………?

    Yea, Really!

    If you want to find out who coconspirators are, you can look at nygren’s campaign contribution list.


    Do you speak Spanish?

    Not really?

    Well, start brushing up on your spanish because you’re going to need to be able to pronounce names, soon!

    Really, yes, Really!

  7. This case is about Zane’s termination. He signed a document saying a passenger was speeding. Still trying to figure out how slinging mud at other officers justifies signing that document?

    It cracks me up that you actually criticize me over continually bringing up what Zane did wrong in an article about a lawsuit specifically about his termination for those specific actions. Who is trying to deflect?

    I get you would like everyone to forget the fact that you did something wrong but facts are stubborn things and I believe that is not a fact that is in question from what I have read.

    As for Deputy Milliman, I truly feel sorry for him and all that he is going through with his known serious health issues involving his brain. Reading the transcripts the part that hits me hard is how apparently he stopped his depostion claiming he had retained an attorney but when that attorney was contacted it turns out that he did not know what the deputy was talking about and claimed to have not to have talked to him. That is a very basic fact to be completely confused about and is deeply troubling as this whole line depends completely on his word and memory.

  8. I just truly hope Milliman got advice and has in fact retained an attorney even if not the one he reportedly “misremembered” hiring during his deposition. He is really in a tough spot having now apparently claimed to be aware of several major crimes and not acting on them in a timely manner. He and his family may be potentially in line for a possible large settlement over his brain cancer but he may very well find that some of his new “friends” and their attorney’s may yet wet their site’s on that money also.

  9. AreYouAnIdiot, You are all upset that a warning ticket was written to a passenger.

    Nevermind that Bruketta admitted to falsifying HUNDREDS if not thousands of actual traffic citations (not warnings), that is perjury.

    And trying to blame Milliman’s previous cancer for his statements.

    Zane won his arbitration, won again in circuit court, and will win again in the appellate court in the next couple of months and there is nothing you can do about it. After Zane’s federal case he will have a lot of money to campaign with, but the walrus might be in jail by then.

  10. Walrushunter…If another deputy falsified tickets he or she should be fire also in my opinion, I have not seen this adjudicated personally. When you say repeatedly “zane won his arbitration” lets be clear…My understanding is that the Arbitrator found Zane did indeed do what he was accused of but disagreed with the extent of the punishement, right? This constant implication by one side that the arbitrator found Zane “innocent” is simply not honest. Let stop pretending like he was wrongfully accused and just admit that the only disagreement is with how bad he should have been punished.

    As for Milliman, I am truly concerned for the man and his family. He is in a bad spot, the court transcript seem to leave one to believe he is confused even on the basic fact on whether or not he has legal representation in this matter.

    I am not really even sure specifically what Nygren stands accused of at this point. If he did something illegal than he should be charged also, but at this point there are simply a bunch of ramblings and innunedo that don’t make much sense and many of which seem to contradict each other.

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