32 Illegals with Criminal Histories Picked Up in November

The observation deck of the McHenry County Jail when young Chinese political leaders were being given a tour of the McHenry County Jail.

McHenry County Blog is the only local source reporting on the number of illegal aliens being picked up in McHenry County.

In November, the number of such undocumented aliens with criminal backgrounds was 32, according to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

This is part of the Homeland Security Department’s Secure Communities program.


32 Illegals with Criminal Histories Picked Up in November — 9 Comments

  1. 11 million illegals (or more) in the country, a southern border that’s like a wide open faucet flowing with human beings, more violence crossing the line in the sand, and parts of American land marked with the equivalent of “careful, the bad guys are here, they don’t like you and they are armed” – and the Federal Govt. had its people looking into counterfeit designer handbag online sales.

    Someone needs to better define “priority”.

  2. Are these illegal criminals being sent back to their countries, or just allowed back out on our streets?

  3. huh, Dee and Alan? You do know that illegal immigration across the southern border is down under the current Administration, right? I mean, that is a fact, you do care about those, by any chance at all?

    And what is with the rambling on and on about counterfeit handbags? You did see that this was a Federal program that caught these illegal aliens in the story?

    maybe alcohol was involved in your posting, because it sure as heck makes no sense. Then again, when you are a hateful, fearful person, maybe the world really DOES seem like you portray it. Thank goodness such a nut-job won’t be on the School board soon.

  4. Alex G –

    Re the handbag online baloney – you did see the story about ICE right? It made both sides of the aisle cringe. As in, duh, priority reassessment – 11 million plus illegals, violence bleeding into the US, etc. v counterfeit goods. People trying to kill our citizens with guns or with drugs versus a fake famous name on a purse. Both important – one further down on the list in my opinion.


    News Releases
    November 29, 2010Washington, DCICE seizes 82 website domains involved in selling counterfeit goods as part of Cyber Monday crackdown


    And as to cracking down on the border and the statistics, somewhere there is also a story that mentions a different way of calculating what happened each year. There are other factors but why bother mentioning them if you’re going to applaud the Left no matter what is stated.


    As to alcohol,you folks just can’t believe you’re wrong and have to insert b.s. where none belongs. Name calling and bogus insinuations don’t win the day.

    As to hateful and fearful – you could call it that, or you could call it using your brain and not living in a false fairyworld. Enjoy the good, be prepared and aware re the bad. It’s called survival.

  5. Of course this may be coming to an end soon. It seems officers that are targeting high crime areas that result in these detentions are now being accused of racial profiling by a disgruntled former Dputy for doing there job and patrolling such areas.

  6. It’s easy to get 32 illegals for Sheriff Nygren. He knows where they live, he’s helping them get here with that wonderful Zacatecas Exchange program.

    Wake up Woodstock, your sister city (Guadalupe) is a front for illegal activity.

  7. Are the tin foil hat anti sheriff crowd really now implying that our country has illegal immigrants because Woodstock has a sister city in Mexico? You guys never cease to amaze.

    Next thing you know you will accuse the police of racial bias because the ensure patrols near the high crime area of the stonelake apartments…Oh wait…that silly argument has already been made.

  8. As a deputy I have been ordered to patrol Stone Lake Apts. on numerous occasions.

    It is loaded with offenders.

    The normal violation is, wait a second I have never patroled that complex.

    Thats Woostock P.D’s jurisdiction.

    Oh yeah, sometimes deputies like to sit across the street at Woodstock Harley and watch the Mobile gas station.

    It’s well lit and is frequented by the Hispanics that come out of Stone Lake Apts. Deputies like Bruketta and Jones.

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