Lakewood and District 47 Only Crystal Lake-Area Election Contests

No contest for Crystal Lake Mayor or City Council.

No contest for Crystal Lake Park Board.

Those are usually the big vote draws on election day.

In addition, there are no contests for the Crystal Lake High School Board.

The Crystal Lake Grade School District has four people running for three spots on its board.

That is probably the most significant race from a taxpayers’ point of view because teacher contracts will be decided by those elected.

And, McHenry County College has ten candidates for three positions.

Crystal Lake candidates Bob DeWitt (an appointed board member) and Linda Liddell will little outside voter interest to drive a hometown advantage home.

There is one big local race.

It’s in Lakewood.

Only Village Trustee Julie Richardson is missing from this meeting of the Lakewood Village Board.

Not a large part of the Crystal Lake area, population-wise (3,000 out of about 55,000 in the area), but the potential for a real campaign exits with the SportsPlex financing not going through.

Lakewood citizens may think that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Some candidates might make something of the village’s taxpayers having to continue to subsidize the Red Tail Golf Course.

Usually the village board contests consist of people putting stuff in mailboxes the Sunday before the election., but last time the woman elected Village President, Erin Smith, knocked on doors.

Odds are that apathy will rule, however, and voter turnout will be low.

The Lakewood candidates follow:

Four -Year Term

  • Carl Davis (elected incumbent)
  • Gary Sexson (challenger)
  • Ken Santowski (elected incumbent)
  • Blake Hobson (appointed incumbent)

Two-Year Term

  • Jeff Iden (challenger)
  • Julie Richardson (appointed incumbent)


Lakewood and District 47 Only Crystal Lake-Area Election Contests — 1 Comment

  1. Historically apathy has ruled in Lakewood. However, with so many tough decisions and sketchy plans the village leadership appears to be pursuing, residents will wake up and engage in 2011.

    It will also be interesting to find out what positions the various candidates stand for. New blood may be necessary to break the lock Smith has on the board.

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