Joe Gottemoller Releases McHenry County Board Endorsements, Seeks Volunteers

Joe Gottemoller

Got a letter from District 3 Republican County Board candidate Joe Gottemoller this past week.

It’s one of those “How about some help?” letters, pretty well done hitting what is typically requested:

  • Lawn sign
  • Distribute literature
  • Neighborhood post cards
  • Endorsement statements for the website
  • Make phone calls
  • Raise money
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Suggestions

Pretty typical list with the exception of “suggestions,” which I have not seen before.

If there is a second printing, I would make it half the size (by using both sides of the card) and I would add

Joe Gottemoller volunteer card.

Vote for me

After all, that’s something everyone in his district (I’m in District 2) can do.

More interesting were the endorsements:

  • Aaron Shepley, Mayor Crytal Lake
  • Pamuela Althoff, State Senator
  • Donald Brewer, Former County Board
  • Steve Cuda, Former Mayor McHenry
  • Daniel Curran
  • Ralph Dawson, Crystal Lake Council
  • Sam Diamond
  • Robert Fetzner, District 47 Board
  • Richard Flood
  • William M. Franz
  • David Geervais
  • Nancy Gonsiorek, District 47 School Board
  • John Heisler, Nunda Twp. Supervisor
  • William LeFew, County Treasurer
  • Bob Miller, Twp. Highway Comm.
  • Gary Reece
  • Fred Roediger
  • Dr. Brian Sager, Mayor Woodstock
  • Jim Thorpe
  • Barbara Wheeler – State Rep. Candidate

Most are names I recognize (only two draw a blank), but a lot are not from District 3.

Still people living in the Nunda and southern McHenry Township district undoubtedly know them or of them.

Gottemoller also tells of his 29 years of legal practice and pledges to put his experience to work “finding responsible solutions” to the “many important issues facing the people of McHenry County.”

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