Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman Placed on Administrative Leave

McHenry County Jail

Two days before Christmas McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Scott Milliman was placed on administrative leave, according to a Freedom of Information request reply received by McHenry County Blog today.

December 23rd was the same day that a December 15th Federal Court hearing transcript became available.

A deposition in which Milliman gave sworn testimony was the primary topic of that day in court.

In my request for information, I asked for “the names of any employees placed on administrative leave so far during the month of December.  Please include the date the leave started and its reason.”

The following is contained within the reply from FOI Officer Jan Weech in answer to my asking the reason for administration:

“If a document exists stating the reason for the change of status it would be in an active administrative investigation file which is exempt under 5 ILCS 140/7 (1) (d) (ii) interfere with active administrative enforcement proceedings conducted by the public body that is the recipient of this request.”

If you look in Part 3 of the transcript, you will see that Sheriff Keith Nygren was given Deputy Milliman’s deposition prior to the December 15th hearing.

Links to the articles containing the entire 10,000+ word transcript from December 15th can be found here.

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Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman Placed on Administrative Leave — 8 Comments

  1. Rumor is that Milliman will be sent to see Dr. Meyer (Nygren buddy and supporter) in the next couple of days, possibly tomorrow. As of now there is no investigations into Milliman’s allegations. The department is in cover up mode. I heard Lt. Miller telling another supervisor that Milliman had been wearing a wire and he was scared about what was going to happen. (The boys probably know who I am now but oh well.) I was also privy to Miller (who is now head of patrol division) asking Milliman to keep him out of this whole thing. The Lt. must be innocent and doesn’t want to get dragged in. Things are getting interesting that’s for sure.

  2. It’s one thing when those of us who chose to be anonymous state opinion or debate what is already public record…But when one anonymously claims to be a law enforcement officer uses a public forum to claim to be eyewitness to new facts in what they claim is an ongoing investigation then the Anti-Sheriff crowd has once again jumped the shark.

    MMM…Claim to be law enforcement….claim there is no investigation…yet claims there have been wiretaps…Someone is desperate or simply lacking in basic common sense.

  3. Milliman can describe something in an old building so he must be telling the truth in everything else he says? Is that really an argument? If Nygren can describe something in an old building I suppose we just assume he must be telling the truth and just drop this whole silly thing? But then if they can both describe things in old buildings do we break the tie by who is describing something in the oldest building?

  4. “Kidding” what are you talking about. Old building? Did you over hear that story about the old building in Des Plaines and the Custom Enforcement surveilance? I think I know who “Kidding” is now. See you at rollcall, boss.

  5. You know what is really weird?

    Bruketta is said to have mislabeled at least 140 tickets.

    He hasn’t been put on leave. All patrol deputies had to go through race recognition training when it appears it was only Bruketta who had difficulty filling out tickets.

    So Boss, what is being done about Bruketta? Anything?

    Have you contacted IDOT to explain how the racial profiling statistics that the state requires were inaccurate because of Bruketta’s mislabeling?

    I have it on good authority that he mislabeld hundreds of tickets over the last three years.

    How about CALEA? Have they been informed to the fact that for over three years Bruketta has been fudging the numbers.

    Did any supervisor ever catch or question Bruketta’s tickets? I know someone did. What are you doing about your golden boy, Bruketta? Maybe you should send Bruketta to Dr. Meyer. Perhaps the good doctor can explain away Bruketta’s countless counts of perjury as a psychological deficiency brought about by the stress of so many traffic stops.

  6. Shadow….My “old building” comment was referring to a post made just previous that has since been removed. It was straight up tin foil hat stuff and was probably removed for such reason.

    Have no idea what you are referring to with your Des Plaines comment…feel free to expand.

    As for this other officer you mention if he either falsely accused someone of committing a crime or admitted to being a part of covering up an alleged criminal conspiracy he should be on leave or dismissed just as the other two officers in question.

  7. Shadow…you clearly talk about “wiretaps” yet claim there is no investigation…as the insider and expert you claim to be can you help us civilians understand this rather obvious conflict in your story?

  8. I too have noticed these couple of conspiracy theorists have made claims about a federal investigation involving immunity agreements/wiretaps/etc., yet they then say there is no investigation being done and they want a private special prosecutor?

    Which is it?

    One with common sense might come to the conclusion that there may not be the federal investigation they claim and they simply may want this private prosecutor for a political stunt or fishing expedition?

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