What Taxpayers Want From and To Do To Illinois Democrats

When they danced with voters last fall, the Democrats promised only a one percent tax hike. Bad at math, bad at keeping promises.

The Democrats (represented by the men in black here) danced with the voters last fall promising no more than a 33% tax hike.

The voters wanted to be respected, but, now that the election is over, that does not seem likely.

And, what would lot of taxpayers like to do to the Democrats who won’t even let taxpayers see a copy of the bill that will hike their income taxes 75%?

Save your bottles, boys and girls. Maybe the Democrats will come out from behind their protective devices.

The phone number of the Springfield switchboard in 217-782-2000.

Play the songs while you’re waiting for your legislator to answer the phone. The first one has the refrain “Freedom.”

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