I Feel Good — 5 Comments

  1. Democrats voted for higher taxes to dispense to the public employee unions.

    Let the good times roll!

    Meanwhile the higher taxes will scare the pink off of pigs and sane business people away from creating jobs with less money in consumers paychecks.

    Anyone notice how Dick Durbin and Obama ran away from protecting ordinary working people from higher taxes?

  2. And what are your recommendations for getting Illinois out of the hole we are in? I’m listening. I’m sure if you have a feasible plan, lots of people are listening.

    How about you, Cal? What’s your plan? You repeatedly regale us with stories from your glory days, and bombard us with how everyone in government is doing it wrong. What is your grand plan to fix the budget?

    I strongly disagree with the large public pensions that have been artificially inflated, and I have a major chip on my shoulder regarding unions. But I have yet heard one of you propose a feasible alternative.

  3. Save yourself, Jack. Personal responsibility and integrity is the name of the game. If you are looking to any politician to answer your prayers – you are doomed.

  4. Jack Sprat: There are many sensible solutions and approaches that Gov. Chris Christie is taking in New Jersey and none of them are tax increases.

    Democrats oppose so many sensible solutions and control the political power in this state, step one begins only when they are out of office. It is that simple.

    They are not going to throw off illegals from the benefit roles, even though officially and legally they are not supposed to be on them.

    Some of it involves simply enforcing the laws that are already on the books. It takes a spine and not new laws to do this.

  5. Im not sure I get this one Cal.

    But I’m thinking one way to reduce the cost of government is to cut the power to the congressional floor between 8pm and 8am. A lot less “work” would get done saving tax payers a huge amount of money.

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