Ed Burke Only Identifed Contributor to Sheriff Keith Nygren

Sheriff Kieth Nygren and his wife Marge in the Lake in the Hills parade.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren ran a $51,822.74 campaign last fall when he overwhelmingly won re-election.

But he wasn’t in fund raising mode.

Only $600 was contributed to his campaign.

The only one that was identified was from the Burnham Fund, a political action committee controlled by Chicago Alderman Ed Burke.

That was recorded on November 4th, two days after the election.  The check was apparently written Nov. 1st, the day before the election.

It was one of 34 contributions the Burnham Fund made.  The only other one to a McHenry County candidate was to State Rep. Jack Franks. The only other Republican I see was Dan Cronin, who was elected DuPage County Board Chairman.

Nygren started out on July 1s, 2010, with $73,924.17. He had $22,101 left at the end of the year.

With what other political entities did he share his campaign money.

Only the McHenry County Republican Central Committee. It received $250.

There was another $412 contributed elsewhere, but in amounts small enough not to be identified.

Filling up the tank of the campaign sign truck is listed in Sheriff Keith Nygren's campaign expenditures.

How did Nygren spend his campaign money?

  • Telephone
  • Beverages
  • Camera
  • Campaign meals
  • Postcards (Creager Press – $455)
  • Direct mail (MultiMail Solutions – $22,287.65)
  • Tee shirts and campaign materials (e2 promotions, inc DBA Discount Distributors – $1,238)
  • Fuel for sign trucks (at the ExxonMobile station in Walworth twice on election day and four times on December 6th)
  • Hebron-Alden-Greewood Rescue Association
  • County fair entrance passes
  • McHenry County 4-H ($2,092)
  • Lake Geneva Country Meats
  • Billboards (Liberty Outdoor $7,749)
  • McHenry Co. Economic Development Corp.
  • McHenry Co. Friends of NRA
  • Newspaper advertising ($4,234 for Northwest Herald and $50 for the Woodstock Independent)
  • Palm cards (The Copy Express, Woodstock – $2,297)
  • Sign materials
  • Sign posts
  • Reimbursements to himself for everything from parade car and sign truck gas to FBI NAA Ill. Chapter raffle tickets, Shop With A Cop raffle tickets, campaign meals, parade candy and a McHenry Rotary dinner
  • Office supplies
  • Campaign decals (P.F.Pettibone & Co. – $506)
  • Trinity Baptist Community Church of Palatine (community relations)
  • Sign for Lakemoor Fest
  • UPS
  • Brent Smith to reimburse for sign truck gas


Ed Burke Only Identifed Contributor to Sheriff Keith Nygren — 1 Comment

  1. What a hypocrite all he could say about Mahon was that McHenry wasn’t cook county, and that McHenry doesn’t want cook county up there. All the comments called it crook county.

    Then nygren goes and takes adonation from one of the biggest good old boys in cook county. Once again the voters of McHenry got buffaloed.

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

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