Tribune Probes 4 Years of Traffic Stops by McHenry County Sheriff’s Department

Part of this early January Tribune article talks of the McHenry County's Sheriff's Department.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has attracted the attention of the Chicago Tribune.

Two weeks ago, a front-page story about drug sniffing dogs mentioned McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Bruketta.

Now a wide-ranging Freedom of Information request has been filed by Schaumburg-based reporter Joe Mahr are three years of data which seem to mirror the information requested by former Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler.

Dear FOIA Officer:

Please consider this a request under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

This request includes the following:

1)      Electronic records that denote basic information on every traffic stop made by the department, from Jan. 1, 2007, through Dec. 31, 2010. The basic information should include, but may not be limited to:

  • Ticket #/ Warning #
  • Issue Date
  • Issue Time
  • Name of Issuing Officer
  • Name of Person Stopped
  • Birth Date (or, in the alternative, birth year) of Person Stopped
  • Sex of Person Stopped
  • Race of Person Stopped
  • Reason for Stop
  • Result of Stop
  • Location of stop (if available)

Please note that the data we are seeking (above) may be similar, but is not specifically, the data submitted to the state for the traffic stop data

That data is based on traffic stops (with one listing for every stop, no matter how many citations or warnings are issued).

We understand the department keeps a separate database based on each ticket or citation (with one line for each ticket – so if one stop results in two tickets it has two lines, even if they were given to the same driver).

It is the separate citation/ warning data we are seeking, exported in a commonly accepted, text-based format, such as delimited, fixed-width, Excel, D-base, or Access.

This request also includes a copy of any file layout, or schema, of the provided records, to explain what fields of data are provided, and in what format.

= = = = =

Recent stories which might add to your knowledge on the issuing of tickets by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

More tomorrow.


Tribune Probes 4 Years of Traffic Stops by McHenry County Sheriff’s Department — 14 Comments

  1. What a waster of taxpayer resources chasing down BS for some idiot newspaper. Each time they FOIA this info, some clerk has to collate the info. It’s not like all the material requested in just a button press away.

    The sad thing is all this data is submitted to the IDOT. Strange how NCIC and Illinois LEADS both list Mexicans as WHITE yet there is all this hoopla about not writing down Hispanic on the form.

    I have friends and relatives that are Latin-American that get quite PO’d if they are referred to as Hispanic. They say they are MEXICAN or white. They are third or forth generation US citizens and other than her family’s Spanish sounding name, is as much white as any Anglo.

    I think everyone (Cal Skinner included) that keeps beating this drum is just looking for useless fodder against Nygren.

  2. That would be nice since I could then use visit his northern and southern homes, but unfortunately I’m just someone with common sense that gets fed up with the endless crap. Regardless if it is Nygren, Mahon, Seipler or even that Looney Gus, I don’t like to see these papers think they can use this FOIA law indiscriminately.

    I have some experience in the public sector and know that no municipal agency has people just sitting idle waiting to sort through these files at the whimsy of some writer. Wouldn’t it be much easier to wait for the court case to proceed and then obtain court documents which will have the same info? No they want to play the big investigative reporter and make up a story. They like to indict using innuendo, but let’s not let facts and accuracy get in the way of a good story.

    Regarding the other issue where he wants disciplinary records, I think they are protected and not subject to release. It’s just a fishing expedition. These towns and the county don’t need the grief and I as a taxpayer think it’s needless.

  3. we should start our own blog about Cal past. I bet you will find many things in the closet

  4. Chicago Tribune – Burge trial ” Judge scolds authorities for not probing former cop’s alleged torture decades ago.”
    thumb – there are many many things in Nygren’s closet – be careful.

  5. 80% of cops should be in prison 90% of judges should be removed from the bench and all of the top govt officials should be removed from office. This should all happen at the same time and is the only way to stop corruption.

    Government is for us ” we the people” to enrich our lives not kill us, harass, us or use us for their piggy bank to fund their lives.

    Just look at what these people are making unfairly.

    I am voting to my congressman to allow Illinois to go bankrupt, wipe out all their pensions and slush funds and finally give back to the people.

    I say indict 80% of McHenry county cops including Nygren.

    If you want the real story follow the money, I am sure someone is getting paid they always are.

  6. Rich, the state law requires cops to mark hispanic,caucasian,etc. on the tickets. They must choose between the categories provided.

    If you don’t like the data collecting ,write your state congressman.

    The officers need to use common sense when filling out the tickets.

    Also you should not have 90% hispanic stops if the population is 25% hispanic.

  7. Isn’t it a little troubling to anyone that Seipler and his crowd seem to insist on assigning race to people they based on how a surname sounds to them? If you want to talk about racial profiling, well there it is.

  8. I’d bet that most, if not ALL, cops write down the driver info based on what LEADS and NCIC and SOS info tell them about the driver’s license; and if those agencies list anyone as white, except for a black (which IS an SOS identifier), that would be what I would write on the citation or warning as correct info, which would then match records of SOS.

    To ask for copies of every ticket and warning, of over 100 officers and commanders, for the past three years is probably enough to make any FOIA officer retire.

    I agree; what a stuipd waste of the tax payers money for such a huge fishing trip.

  9. Now we have a sheriff that sold his McHenry County home to the man that made an exceptional amount of money in overtime driving Nygren in parades.

    The house was sold for about $60 to $70 over market value. Nowt his is strange.

    All done about a month after the election.

    The records show that both Nygren and the new owner claim it as their official residence.


    Are they roommates??

    We know that Mrs. Nygren is a Florida resident. No surprise that Nygren is rarely even in this state and collecting a full salary for doing —- doing what??

    Also, Mrs. Nygren was collecting signatures for the Sheriff at the county fair. It is illegal for a non resident of the state to collect these signatures. Who signed them?

    I bet she didn’t. That is also illegal. Anyone catching on here???

  10. AssSupporter, the sheriffs dept. is doing its own investigation of 51 deputies and their tickets regarding racial profiling. I would think that they would have all the data together by now.They just have to give the Tribune a copy.And the data is computerized.The sheriff has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees ,wages, etc. fighting Zane when all he had to do was tell a couple of deputies to knock it off.

  11. AreYouStupid, it was a few depuities that were using surnames on vehicle registration to pull over hispanics for no license. That’s racial profiling. If you can’t guess a person’s race correctly about 95% of the time you’re a real moron. Example: Juan Gonzalez, brown skin-eyes-hair,mexican license, speaks spanish….I’m going with Hispanic.

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