Bianchi Probe OKed to Include Recent Times

Lou Bianchi

According to the Chicago Tribune, Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Joseph McGraw has ruled that Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan is not overstepping his charge by investigating occurrences beyond the allegations of political use of his office by former secretary Amy Dalby.

Here’s more:

“… November of 2009, special prosecutors Henry Tonigan III and Thomas McQueen wrote a letter asking Graham to expand their investigation.

“Graham gave them the go-ahead to investigate anyone relating to possible misuse of public funds by Bianchi since 2005, which would go beyond the statute of limitations.

“In reviewing the case, McGraw ruled that the original court order imposed no limits on the time frame of the alleged wrongdoing. Since special prosecutors learned that crimes allegedly continued after Dalby left, he ruled, the order to extend their authority was proper.”

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