Better Government Association Looks at Sheriff’s Department

It’s not only Tribune investigative reporter Joe Mahr who is asking for detailed information from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

So is the BGA, in the person of policy intern Samuel Cuomo.

On December 29th he sent the following Freedom of Information request (click to enlarge) to the Sheriff’s Department:

The Sheriff’s Department has not yet provided the “attached list” of inmate names, but what is requested follows:

  1. the charge or charges filed against each inmate
  2. the case number that contains those charges
  3. the date the inmate entered jail after his or her arrest on those charges
  4. the date of release from jail
  5. the type of release from jail (bond posted, transfer to IDOC, charges dismissed, or credited time served
  6. if the inmate was incarcerated in the county jail more than once on the same charge, we are requesting the date for each third incarceration

In September, the BGA reported that the Sheriff’s Department was being investigated by the Illinois State Police.

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Please see “BGA Probe of Sheriff’s Office Much Less Than It Seemed” for amplification of this article.


Better Government Association Looks at Sheriff’s Department — 10 Comments

  1. When it rains it pours. I admit I was wrong in earlier comment saying the BGA dropped the ball. My sincerest apology to the BGA ( as if they care about what I say). But i digress. It is great to see two investigative entities racing to look into the sheriff’s department.

    What a shame it couldn’t be one of the offices like, oh i don’t know, maybe the Sates Attorney’s or the Attorney General’s. But hey at long last some IS investigating.

  2. Patrick, how can you say “racing to look into the Sheriff’s Department?” 95% of people brought in and booked are due to warrants and arrests of agencies other than the Sheriff. You do understand that the JAIL houses all prisoners not just one arrestred by deputies.

    The BGA must be barking up a different tree.


    Sergeant Greg Pyle has admitted to being the infamous author of the website known as “The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate”.

    He has been heard in the office telling his buddies that he wrote the blog. After hearing this I checked out his website and I found a link to a VEILED threat. From what I over heard some one wishes he could take Seipler “to the tool shed”. Seeing as Pyle has gained about 50 lbs of fat and I have seen Seipler bench well over 300lbs. I put my money on Seipler completely destroying Pyle in about 17 secs. Plus Seipler has a reputation of taking care of business. I can’t wait till that guy comes back.

    This has nothing to do with this article, I just needed a place to post this.

  4. Pyle should tread carefully through the lives of others … Karma has no mercy.

  5. Didn’t Bachman make claims that “Sir Pumpkin” was Deputy Greg Pyle some time ago? Showed his picture holding a gun and said this was sir pumpkin.

    Looks like maybe Bachmann has been playing possum. Seems the things I have read on his blog, although at first sounded like wild ramblings, are all coming back around as true.

    Who is that guy? I laughed when bachman said he was insane, maybe the Sheriff has been the one played by bachman?

    His blog almost acts like a hide and go seek game with information too.

  6. Just what we need, 7th grade mentality frat boys. This is what we have to serve and protect. Do not get me wrong, we have many good cops in the SO. They are just not the “favored people”. How sad.

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