Attempted Kidnapping of 10-Year Old Girl in Wonder Lake

Deep Spirng and Hilltop was the area where the abduction was attempted.

Not only was there a man following a child home and circling around to drive past the home again in Huntley Wednesday, but on last Friday there was an attempted kidnapping of a girl after she got off a school bus.

The Wonder Lake Police Department apparently faxed the report you see below on Tuesday.

A report from the Wonder Lake Police Department to McHenry High School District 156.

The report says a white man in his late 20’s with brown hair, but bald on top, was driving a black SUV in bad condition (having right front fender damage and scratches on the driver’s side) without a front plate and maybe A10K on the back plate was waiting at the bus stop as the children got off.

After the parents left, he followed a ten-year old girl and asked if she would like a puppy.

She said, “No.”

“Come on, get in.  I’ll show them to you,” he said.

The little girl refused and the guy left the area.

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Ellyn Wrzeski informs McHenry County Blog that Greenwood School parents were informed of the incident on Monday.

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