BGA Probe of Sheriff’s Office Much Less Than It Seemed

McHenry County Jail

When McHenry County Blog published “Better Government Association Looks at Sheriff’s Department,” the article was based on an incomplete answer obtained from the Sheriff’s Department as a result of a Freedom of Information request.

As mentioned in the article, “The Sheriff’s Department has not yet provided the ‘attached list’ of inmate names…”

I made a mistake in pluralizing the word “name.”

It turns out the BGA was only interested in one inmate–Gary Gauger.

Gauger, you may remember, was falsely arrested for and convicted of murdering his parents when, in fact, a motor cycle gang did so.

The information desired, as revealed in the attachment, was

Date of Birth
Date of Arrest
Date of Conviction
Gauger, Gary


BGA Probe of Sheriff’s Office Much Less Than It Seemed — 1 Comment

  1. It may seem that the Gauger issue is very old news.

    And it is.

    It still makes me happy.


    Because if they are looking at Gauger that means they are looking at Lowery.

    And we all know what kind of person Lowery is.

    If Lowery is under pressure he will dime out nygren in a heart beat!

    I was beginning to think “Old Blinky” was going to walk away from all this when he retired last year.

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