Lakewood Roads Clear as Fire Truck Makes CO Call

Morning came and the snow was high.

Snow half covered the dormer windows.

And, there was a beeping noise in the Skinner household.

It was in the basement next to the furnace.

The carbon monoxide detector.

The furnace was off, but why?

Expert in all sorts of things mechanical Marty Walter of Walter Alarm suggested that the pipes to the outside might be covered with snow and he was right.

The 7th graders dug out the exhaust and intake pipes.

NICOR redirected my call to the Lakewood Fire Department and a fire truck appeared.

Wading down the driveway toward the fire truck on Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

I sent my son and a friend down the driveway to show the firemen which house had made the call.

The boys returned with two firemen.

The boys accomplished their mission.

The firemen made sure the pipes were clear of snow.

The sleepover guys had already shoveled out the pipes, but the fireman made sure.

We were just the second call of the day.

Standing at the intersction of Meridian Street and Lake Avenue looking east, the only vehicle was the fire truck and it was parked.

Although the roads were passable, there was no traffic.

Looking west from Meridian Street, Lake Avenue, usually having plenty of commuter traffic after 7 AM, was empty.


Lakewood Roads Clear as Fire Truck Makes CO Call — 6 Comments

  1. As you can see, chemistry was a long time ago.

    Thanks. I’ll make the correction.

  2. now if you can just get into the 21st century and stop offending women in the fire service by using the correct generic title of firefighter in lieu of your constant reference to “firemen” and police officer instead of policemen, but I doubt you can do it

  3. Radzinski: If you met a woman police officer in LITH you might not want to extend her the respect of “police officer.”

    Maybe there was not a single woman who showed up at Cal’s house from the fire department. In that case they were firemen. Besides, after Tuscon Cal is probably trying to be careful about calling government employees “fighters.”

  4. Gee Larry, did you know that you can have your testicles ‘reattached?’

  5. Cal as someone that has never believe in wasted money, you should be appalled that Lakewood has their own fire dept.

    They were served well by the full time department from Crystal Lake.

    They only started their own because they did not want to pay CL what they owed.

    What a waste!

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