The Ads Against Joe Walsh Nobody Heard

Monday, USA Today ran a story about a radio buy in targeted congressional districts. The Daily Herald localized it.

The Daily Herald fell victim of a new strategy by politicians.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $10,000 in 25 congressional districts where the DCCC think the GOP incumbent is (or ought to be) vulnerable and sent out press releases.

Roll Call has the back story here.

When I divide $10,000 by 25, I get $400. That’s $400 for each congressional district targeted in the “Drive to 25” campaign.

Nathan Gonzales’ article is entitled,

“Beware of Ad Campaigns With More Bark Than Bite.”

He starts with a twist on the old philosophical question about whether, if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, is there a sound:

“If a campaign ad airs and no one hears it, does it exist?”

Very few may have heard the ad. (No one emailed me they had.)

But the Daily Herald allowed the Democrats to use it as a megaphone for the message.

Democrats would have media like the Daily Herald believe that there was a significant radio buy in Joe Walsh's district. But like the Disney World mock movie set of a World War II Japanese attack on a U.S. Naval ship, there is less fire than they hope the reporter sees.

Nothing new there.

The Daily Herald repeated did that during the 2010 election to Melissa Bean’s benefit.

Maybe editors will note their being fooled by the Dems’ Potemkin village approach and use better judgment next time around.

A reporter might even ask how much is being spent on the ad. (I wonder if the reporter even heard what is called in the trade a “Show me” ad.)

And, realize, as Roll Call points out,

“The strategy is to spend as little as possible in order to garner free media coverage and create the impression that a campaign-changing event is taking place.”

The DCCC had “$806,000 on hand at the end of the year and $19 million of debt,” the article says.

USA Today started the media roll-out with a Monday story.

Walsh informs me that less than $3,000 was spent against both he and Congressman Robert Dold.


The Ads Against Joe Walsh Nobody Heard — 3 Comments

  1. Despite this one article, DH is now a full-time publicity house for Joe Walsh. Ever little appearance seems to generate column space.

  2. Who is running against Joe Walsh in 2012? Not Bean, but a real Democrat, I hope.

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