Pipeline Dangers

Former Chicago anchor Lester Holt told a story about aging gas pipelines Saturday night.

Burning pipelines in Pennsylvania were featured on NBC-TV New tonight.

The recent Pennsylvania blast.

That was the “hook.”

Last September's fire in California was shown.

Reference was made to the one that exploded in California because of faulty welds.

The association of pipelines was quoted as saying they should last 100 years…or longer.

Location of McHenry County pipelines.

Of local interest is that McHenry County has pipelines crisscrossing the area.  (More maps here.)

One of the pipelines running through Cary near the Fox River carries oil. Here is oil that spilled out in Romeoville in mid-September, 2010.

One of the older ones runs down the Commonwealth Edison right-of-way through Cary.  It’s the same pipeline that burst in the South Suburbs spilling a fair amount of oil.  This pipeline is so old that a “pig” can’t be run inside it to check for problems.

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