Message of the Day – Hypocrisy

The Wisconsin Republican Party has crosscut comments from prominent liberals with the words used in Madison, Wisconsin, in opposition to what Republican Governor Scott Walker is proposing to change public unions in the General Assembly.

The YouTube video starts with President Barack Obama’s press secretary decrying the comparing of political figures to Hitler.

Next comes pictures of the demonstrators.

Guess what?

Governor Scott Walker is compared to Adolph Hitler.

The main message on this sign is "Scott Walker = Adolph Hitler." Note the Nazi symbol.

A photo of Hitler at the Madison rally.

The video is about hypocrisy, of course.

It skewers comments like Eugene Robinson's: "Violent political rhetoric...comes almost exclusively from the Right."

Bill Maher gets a comeuppance.

Bill Maher attributes comments about killing opponents to the "Right-wing."

"Left-wingers don't talk that way," Bill Maher asserts.

And remember the target used on Sarah Palin’s web site for Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords?

The photo is of Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker. On the top of the sign can be reat the words, "Don't Retreat."

Apparently some Wisconsin public union member didn’t get the message of civility.

"Don't Retreat, Reload," the complete message reads.

And, now below the relevance of my comment about Sarah Palin’s targeting of Democrats in the fall election.

Wisconsin residents love their guns as much as those in Alaska do. One might note that the symbol of "Repeal," a legislative word, is not crosshairs.

Notice that I have not contending that conservatives don’t use similar rhetoric.

During the 1990’s while my legislative office was on Manor Road across from the old motel that was razed to build Chuck E. Cheese and Outback Steakhouse, a sign was posted pointing out that one of the first things Hitler did was to impose guy control.

A Demcoratic Party State Senator expands my education in the video by pointing out that Hitler banned unions in 1933.

Seeing that an analogy to Hitler's abolishing unions was used in Madison by State Senator Lena Taylor on February 15th, would it be fair for those who favor allowing people to carry guns to defend themselves in Illinois to make similar speeches in Springfield on Gun Lobby Day about Illinois Democrats opposed to keeping this state as one of only two (the other being Wisconsin) where people can't do so?

If the pictures and text leave you wanting to see more, the YouTube video is below:


Message of the Day – Hypocrisy — 10 Comments

  1. Finally someone gets it the there is NO EXCLUSIVE ON STUPIDITY

  2. How in the world did the protesters get into the Madison Capital building with their posters ? Isn’t there security at the main doors?

    Sounds like the National Guard should be been called.

  3. People get mad when you try to take away their gravy train. I hope this becomes the trend in the nation as no one is there to protect the taxpayers. Maybe we should have a taxpayer union?!

  4. I hope this becomes the trend in the nation as no one is there to protect the taxpayers. Maybe we should have a taxpayer union?!

    Who’s going to protect the Wisconsin taxpayers from the new Republican governor’s spending proposals?:

    * $25 million for an economic development fund for job creation, which still holds $73 million because of anemic job growth.
    * $48 million for private health savings accounts — a perennial Republican favorite.
    * $67 million for a tax incentive plan that benefits employers, but at levels too low to spur hiring.

    Or is this just tired old Republican anti-union pablum?

  5. so I have a question….. are those protest signs (which I strongly disagree with) from random citizens protesting, or are they from a major party’s Vice Presidential candidate.

    wrong in both cases, frightening when it is the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice President (and someone who polls popularly for Republicans). Or heck, look at the quotes about “2nd amendment remedies” that came from a republican candidate for senate

    wrong all around, but frightening when one of the leaders of the Republican party thinks it is a-ok.

  6. @Alex G

    The “official” outrage doesn’t start until the Republicans can be upset. The fact that Republican national, state, and local candidates have previously used disgraceful language and imagery means nothing.

    And the hypocrisy does not register.

  7. bill Maher, I must disagree: Wisconsinites talk that way… especially when they are your typical right (right/center) everyday worker. Paying his taxes… watching corp’s being excempted from tax raises for 20 years and receiving tax incentives… Hell yeah, we talk that way. I also am quite certain, this poster was intended to be “tongue in cheek”.

    It was not perceived that way… which is why it only lasted 1/2 way thru the first day of protesting, before I threw it away.

    Yes, I made it! Funny though~ I didn’t hear a single republican cry nearly as loud when Mrs. Palin went on her rant! And she is in office… I merely wipe asses for a living (and make under 50,000 a year) (oh wait, thanks to scott walker… under 40,000 a year)

  8. There’s a big difference between a public figure like Sarah Palin using incendiary language and imagery at every turn and a fraction of a percentage of protesters that used those images. I agree that it’s in poor taste, but it’s no were *near* the level of hypocrisy that the conservative has shown, say nothing for the sheer irresponsible of it.

    But, hey, I guess that’s all FoxNews could come up with since the only violence there stemmed from the bussed in TeaBaggers on Saturday. Which, hearing Andrew Breibart call the protesters “Anarchist” trying to “burn down the governor’s mansion” really summed up well the level of discourse he and Joe the Plumber are capable of.

  9. Walker has already done irreparable damage to Wisconsin the United States and the Republican Party!

  10. Oh wow. Some random Wisconsin union nuts and an ONE obscure state senator on the left are using the same kind of violent rhetoric that’s used by republican president/vp candidates, national leaders of the party, high ranking senators and congressmen, etc……

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