Rockford Tea Party Film Wisconsin State Senators in Rockford

The Wisconsin State Senator who would not give the time of day to the Rockford Tea Party citizen-jorunalist.

An email from the Rockford Tea Party tells of catching up with two Wisconsin State Senators yesterday afternoon at the Clock Tower Inn where I guessed they would go in order to avoid any possibility that the Wisconsin State Police could find them and return them to Madison.

The Democrats were abandoning their state to buoy Illinois’ economy in order to keep a bill hated by union members from coming to a vote.  Their absence meant there were too few State Senators to comprise a quorum.

At the time I wrote this (about 9 AM Friday), 31,646 people had viewed the video.

Here’s the email:

Hello Tea Party…

This afternoon has been a whirlwind. At about 4 pm I found out the Democrat Senators who had been sought in Wisconsin for abdicating their Constitutional Responsibility in Wisconsin had fled to Rockford.

I caught up with them and here is the video.

That’s not the end of it.

It seems like this thing has taken a life of its own all over the net and apparently tomorrow it will be in the constant News Cycle on Fox News.

Mark Levin talked about us today and it is already on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Website and Andrew Brietbart’s Big Government website.

It is literally blazing across the internet. Fun times folks.

Two Wisconsin State Senators were caught leaving Rockford’s Clock Tower Inn.

Neither would identify themselves.

The first Wisconsin Democratic Party State Senator was willing to engage the citizen-journalist.

The first, a well-spoken man, was at least willing to defend his boycotting his legislative floor as doing his job.

“I’m leaving right now to do my job in Wisconsin…My job today is to delay a vote on a piece of legislation the people of the state have said we have not have time to consider the consequences.”

Asked his position in the Senate, he was non-responsive.

The second a white-haired man refused to say anything.

From his demeanor, I’d guess he was from a strongly one-party legislative district.

He certainly was not used to dealing with tough questions.

= = = = =

If you can identify either State Senators, please share that information in the comment section or email me directly.

The Rockford Register-Star identifies the polite State Senator as Jim Holperin.  A reader thinks the white-haired one is Bob Jauch.


Rockford Tea Party Film Wisconsin State Senators in Rockford — 10 Comments

  1. “This afternoon has been a whirlwind. At about 4 pm I found out the Democrat Senators…”

    The word is ‘Democratic.’ What an idiot.

  2. rusrus; the majority of us know how the word “idiot” applies to what’s going on in Wisconsin.

    It’s great to see Democrats running away from an adult discussion, even when they were elected to do so on their State’s Senate floor.

    Every time Dems and union bosses show their true colors it helps form a larger consensus among Americans on what’s needed to revitalize our country.

    I want to see Obama taking the side of the public unions again. Will be more great 2012 campaign footage.

  3. It’s great to see Democrats running away from an adult discussion

    Republicans in Wisconsin refuse to negotiate – only to vote, which is why the Democrats have decided to leave. Apparently, they are concerned for the rights of Wisconsin municipal workers – who knew?

  4. Why do government employees need unions? Does their employer (the government) treat them poorly?

  5. Depending on the source you read, it’s not only Democratic lawmakers. CNN has reported that it is 14 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

  6. Some nutbag shoves a camera in my face and I wouldn’t give them the time of day either. I notice you studiously “forgot” (republican for a lie of omission) to ask the name of this citizen “jorunalist” (sic).

  7. The people don’t need those teachers anyway, home school your children. They will get a better education at home compared to what those protesters are offering! Check it out. Right now they are teaching fraud by example! JaJa!!!

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