McHenry Business Expo Hosts Two Politicians

Whenever I go to a business expo, I look for politicians.

McHenry Marlins line up for an interclub race.

Saturday was McHenry Marlins swim meet day.  The McHenry Business Expo was also occurring at McHenry West High School.

State Rep. Jack Franks confers with constituent at the McHenry Expo.

State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) and State Sen. Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) shared a booth.

State Senator Pam Althoff gestures a lot when she talks.

Both had left by three o’clock, Franks on his way to his big fundraiser in Downtown Chicago and Althoff to prepare for a Raue Center affair at which a scholarship was to be awarded in her late husband Tim’s honor.

I approached Althoff about whether she would vote for a bill to register homeschoolers.

She said she wouldn’t.

Last year this was where I met the Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Mike Mahon.  His presence convinced me that he was going to put on a real campaign.

The McHenry County State's Attorney's booth.

Last year and this year both the State’s Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Office had booths.

Last year Lou Bianchi was in attendance.  This year he wasn’t.

The Sheriff's Department's booth.

Sheriff Keith Nygren delegated deputies to staff his county both last year and this year.


McHenry Business Expo Hosts Two Politicians — 4 Comments

  1. Wouldn’t you like to have a job where you get paid to stand around a booth wearing a uniform?

    Nygren should use volunteers but instead gives out these patsy job assignments paid by the taxpayers.

  2. but the sheriffs office use to it’s Auxiliary deputy members, But nygren used them for everything they had, then dumped the program and used a lame excuse “CALEA ” didnt approve it.

    But if you look at other calea certified sheriffs offices with auxiliary deputies, they allow it.

    So, when nygren cancelled the long time and much needed program, where did the $ Thousand and thousands of dollars go that was in a bank with with the auxiliary team ?

    like about $20,000 go ?

  3. lets be honest says….you’re wrong and don’t distort facts. Illinois law requires anyone performing police duties must have the minimum training either through the STAR program or regular academy. It is 400 hours of certified police training. Any department and yes some so it, utilizing PT officers will be bankrupt when the law suit for failure to train is resolved when the PT officer make a blunder and someone is harmed.

  4. Police departments especially larger ones have always had public relations units. I see nothing wrong with it. Both the deputies shown are safety education deputies and perform a much needed function.

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