Pig-Masked Woman Robs Fox River Grove LA Tan

A press release issued by the Fox River Grove Police Department.

Saturday February 19, 2011 7:29 PM CST

Fox River Grove Police Department investigating Armed Robbery

L.A. Tan, 724 Northwest Highway

On 02/19/11 at approximately 5:50 P.M., Fox River Grove Police Department responded to L.A. Tan 724 Northwest Highway for an armed robbery.

The offender, armed with a black semi-automatic handgun, entered the business and ordered the attendant to open the cash drawer.

She then told the attendant to go in to one of the tanning rooms.

After the attendant heard the door chime, she emerged from the tanning room and discovered the cash in the register had been removed.

The offender had fled in an unknown direction. Approximately $160.00 was taken.

The offender was described as a female/white, 5’00”-5’02” tall, very slim build, wearing a pig mask, a short black hair wig and a camouflage jacket. Her voice was raspy.

Anyone who can assist the police department with the identity of these two individuals is asked to contact Crime Stoppers 1-800-762-7867 or the Fox River Police Department at 847-639-2411.


Pig-Masked Woman Robs Fox River Grove LA Tan — 3 Comments

  1. First of all….The concealed carry laws need to be repealed! Laws protect the criminal not the law abiding citizen! This pig faced female would be hurting and all for $160.00…..staff some men!!!!! …… Installing the 360 degree outdoor camera this week is a good start, I hope the bank across the parking lot caught her get away vehicle on tape!!!!!

  2. Yeah, because repealing the the concealed carry law will stop people who disobey the law, anyways. Laws are for people who follow them.

    And, a man is no match for a gun. LOL Do you think this woman would have thought twice if she saw a man behind the counter? LOL

    And I do hope that the Chase bank got her getaway, but I’m thinking they did not since I’m sure the police would have stopped to check there, first.

  3. Instead of complaining about laws, stop voting them in.

    What has to happen is not to amend laws, but to remove the reason for breaking. The current employment rate/cost of living/steep taxes are what drive people to such extremes. I can probably say that this woman is not that mad of a person, and was in desperate need of money, not attainable by legal means.

    Maybe she has kids and they are in need, what if she is about to become homeless?

    The best thing about what happened is no one was hurt, and they are taking further safety precautions to ensure that.

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