Where to Go on Spring Vacation

When we visited Eagle Ridge last spring break, the magnolia trees were blooming outside our room and it was warm enough for bare legs.

Having examined the plane fares to Florida, the three Skinners certainly are not flying south.

So, the question is where we can drive?

Should we go to a water park in the Wisconsin Dells, Rockford (as some Wisconsin State Senators did) or Gurnee?

Alternately, how about a return to Galena Territory, where we stayed at the Eagle Ridge inn as the magnolias were blooming?

This couple was enjoying a round of golf as we were off to Downtown Galena.

My wife and I have never golfed together, but if she could get a girl friend to go with her, she’d be up for a round, I’ll bet.

Others were playing tennis, but that’s not my game either.

People were enjoying the tennis courts.

And, if you go to The Atomic Toy Company (owned by Crystal Laker Dave Rokusek), your son and his buddy might pick up some liquid sting and he invent their own competition.

As this liquid string fight was going on, I was wondering what the grounds people might think when they next mowed the grass.

The Atomic Toy Company is chockful of toys from days gone past. There are enough toys priced under $1 that anyone can find something worth buying. It really is the one store Downtown that should not be missed.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to keep one busy on the grounds.

My idea of a vacation is being able to sit down and read a book (although I also stand in long Disney World lines and read). From the balcony of our room at Eagle Ridge, I could watch the action on the path below and keep an eye out for the resort's namesake bird.

There’s a path running around Galena Lake. Whether it’s walking a dog or with one’s family, it’s a way to commune with nature.

Not only were the magnolias out while we visited last spring, but daffodils were blooming near the parth.

There's a clear view of the lake before the leaves come out.

I’m pretty sure the path goes all the way around the lake. There’s such a great view of it from the Eagle Inn dining room and upper walkways.

If renting a boat is too ambitious for vacationers, they can just sit on a bench as the couple below is. Actually, it was warm enough to take a boat out on the lake the week we were in Galena Territory, but they were in winter storage.

From the docks I sighted below the high deck, it appears that visitors can rent boats when it is warmer.

The dining room at Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena.

Inside is a wonderful dining room.  Get a table by the window at sunset.

Sunset from the Eagle Ridge Resort dining room.

The view is remarkable.  And there’s people watching, too, because a walkway is between the dining area and the view.

If you don’t want to dine so formally, there is a deli.

The staff at Pizanos Deli is so fast, my digital camera could only catch a blur. (Look in the lower left hand side of the photo.)

There’s plenty of seating.  I see five tables indoors and there more outside.

Look at all the tables in the deli.

If the woman of the family manages to find the shops…

The shops are on the right, just as one comes in the main door.

There are comfortable chairs just beyond in front of the dining room.

If your wife goes shopping, I'd advise bringing a novel to spend the time along.

Of course, you could just go into the bar and watch some game on TV.

The Eagle Ridge bar is right acorss a hall from the deli. I imagine one could eat deli food there, too.

One day while my son and his friend were in the pool, I went exploring.

The spring days were so moderate that the pools room was rolled back so fresh air could come in.

I walked down a long hall and admired the paintings that were for sale.

It appears that the old lead mining town of Galena is home to a lot of artists.

As I walked down the hall, I discovered that Eagle Ridge is not only a resort, it is a conference center.

The tables were set for some big affair in the conference dining room. People in attendance probably hope they get near the windows.

My immediate inspiration for writing this article was an email that I just got from Eagle Ridge about a “Wine Lovers Weekend.” I’m not a fan of wine, but one whom I love is.  Come to think of it, I don’t even know if March 24-27 is during Crystal Lake’s spring break.  No matter, we’d bring wine and buy it at meals.

Eagle Ridge Resort's private label red.

Eagle Ridge has its own label, which my wife likes.  My guess is there will be wine from many vineyards.

Galena Cellars is just inside the flood gate off Route 20.

We always visit Galena Cellars.

Almost forgot.  I didn’t get any pictures, but my wife loves the spa.

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