Joe Walsh Supporters Expect Demonstrators at Harper College Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Action Alert –

Potential protests against Joe Walsh

tonight at Harper College

That’s the headline of an email I just received.

It warns supporters of Congressman Joe Walsh that demonstrators may show up at his Town Hall Meeting at Harper College tonight.

Here’s the rest of the email:

There are rumors today that protesters are planning to disrupt the Joe Walsh town hall event tonight at Harper College.

Thursday, February 24th from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at:

Harper College – Wojcik Conference Center
1200 W Algonquin Road
Palatine, IL 60067

Please be there tonight if you can. Silent no more! Don’t let Chicago thug tactics intimidate the voters of this district.

National news media have likely been invited to this event by the protesters – both liberal TV media and print media – to help attack him.

Congressman Joe Walsh listens to a woman's concerns after the joint Town Hall meeting at McHenry County College with U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and Congressman Don Manzullo.

As you may have heard, there have been attack ads against Joe this week, funded by Planned Parenthood, because he voted against their federal funding as well as for many other spending cuts. The progressive radicals are going on the attack to try to save their agenda.

Union organizers and students, of course, have also been rallying in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere to try to attract media attention.

There are protest rallies being planned across the country this weekend and other actions to try to create the astroturf illusion of public support for their agenda.

Rather than let an astroturf mob create a false image of voter opposition to Joe Walsh, please attend this meeting if you can and make sure we at least try to get them to pay attention to the truth for a change.

Joe won the election, and has strong support.

The rent-a-mob crowd lost, no matter how angry and noisy they may be about it. We need to make it clear that our member of Congress will not be intimidated by agitators.

Unlike Melissa Bean, who went into hiding for years to escape any critical public discussion of her actions as our representative in Congress, Joe has been out there doing many well-attended town halls and answering every question and every critic for more than a year now.

Don’t let the media turn this into a story about some illusory public backlash against what they have always tried to misrepresent as an “extreme” Tea Party candidate, rather than a principled conservative who is unafraid to say what he really thinks, listen respectfully to those who have different views, and do what he told us he will do. He was elected to represent us – not to listen to the noisiest mob or be intimidated through media attention.

Let the unions and liberal activists show their true colors, as in Madison last week, through their disruptive actions and abusive attacks. We won, and they are just throwing a temper tantrum because they finally are not getting their way by intimidating and fleecing the taxpayers for their own benefit.

Joe Walsh has been standing up for us in Washington. We need to stand up firmly and peacefully to reject these Chicago thug tactics once again.


Joe Walsh Supporters Expect Demonstrators at Harper College Town Hall Meeting Tonight — 7 Comments

  1. How did Walsh’s town hall go this evening? Was there a lot of animosity? Were there enough conservatives speaking up?

  2. There are many, many people in Walsh’s district who do not support him and his teabagger policies. As I sure you remember but choose not to mention, Walsh beat Bean by just 710 votes, or 48.47% to Bean’s 48.32%. The real reason Bean lost was that she didn’t take Walsh seriously until it was too late, but to call his victory some overwhelming mandate of the people is just disingenuous.

    There is strong evidence — which Walsh is confirming with every vote — that he is too conservative for the district and he is likely to be a one-termer in the Michael Flanagan mold if the Dems (or the more mainstream GOP establishment) can field a credible, well-funded candidate against him. With the Dems controlling the remap this is even more likely. He has a huge target on his back from both the Dems and the mainstream GOP.

    I’ll have to go back in this blog and look for your rant against the astroturf, rent-a-mob tactics that the Teabaggers used to disrupt congressional town meetings on healthcare reform last year. I’m sure I’ll find it, won’t I?

    I enjoy the blog although I disagree with you on most issues, but it’s really the pot calling the kettle black when Tea Partiers complain about protesters disrupting meetings. I guess it’s only free speech when you’re the one who gets to carry the sign and scream for the TV cameras.

  3. Yeah, wait..

    Did you just criticize people for exercising freedom of speech? Like it was okay for the tea party to do it, but anyone with opposing views is disruptive?

    Yeesh, if you really listened to the founding fathers you’d know that they said
    “I may not like what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”

    But here, you’re saying “these people need to be put down” which is showing that you’re more a party hack than someone who genuinely cares for free speech.

    May both leftist & right-wing protesters make their voices heard now and in the future!!! Tea party & unionist alike must be allowed to make their voices heard.

  4. Hey Rusty & Mike, it’s not the conservatives who keep trying to pass the Fairness Doctrine. Lefties are the only ones actually trying to limit free speech.

    And as for comparing the tea party to lefty rallies, a fair comparison would be how the two groups treated our nation’s Capitol.

    A group’s actions speak more loudly than their words.

    Here’s a Washington Post story about the historic levels of trash left behind after Obama’s inauguration.

    Totally shameful.

    Quote from one of the city workers, “The trash generated at all other events ever held on the Mall paled compared with what was left Tuesday.”

    The best excuse they could offer?

    “There weren’t enough trash cans.”

    Yeah, when I can’t find a trash can, I just dump my stuff on the ground, too.

    Let’s call it what it is…a don’t-give-a-crap attitude.

    Compare that to the Capitol grounds after the March on DC on 9/11/2009. ‘Nuf said.

  5. Oh, and it truly is “rent-a-mob” with unions, when they bring people in from all over the country to fight to keep their benefits and power, versus the tea partiers bringing folks in to fight for lowered spending.

    One group is seeking personal gain, the other is seeking the welfare of our nation. Tea partiers do not personally benefit from calls to fiscal restraint.

    Union members do personally benefit from calls to continue their pay, benefits, and bargaining “rights”.

    Naturally, they have the right to be out there rallying, but let’s call it what it is. Demands to continue their personal standard of living, at the expense of the taxpayer.

    Not exactly altruistic.

  6. //Lefties are the only ones actually trying to limit free speech.//

    Riiiiight. The right is can do no wrong, and the left are the source of all America’s problems.

    Let me give you the definition off partisan hack
    “Someone who cares more about supporting a particular party or ideology than supporting what is morally right, or factually true.”

    Basically what you’re saying is “hooray for our side, we’re always in the right” regardless of whether you are or not. This leads to the habit of defending the actions of groups despite corruption, and lets corruption or trespasses against freedom continue. For instance:

    – Joe Walsh voted to continue the patriot act provisions against many of his fellow tea partiers, where’s the criticism?
    – Dem Wisc senators are criticized for their absence, but Palin is not criticized for her resignation from governership? What’s that all about?

    The tea party is on the right track with facing down it’s own side with things like forcing Mcdonell (who made lots of earmarks for BAE) to supsend Earmarks and voting against the patriot act. That’s because for now they’re sticking to their values.

    However, if the tea party starts feeling it always has the right, and blames all problems on the left, that is going to lead to a feeling that they’re indemnified from wrongdoing just based upon the Tea Party label, and that’s a slippery slope into corruption. It’s the ultimate reason why we must not defend the party & it’s members at all cost, but rather defend the values at all cost.

    So here’s my proposition. Call out corruption, fiscal waste, or trespasses against freedom anywhere you see it. Don’t let affiliation blind you. Lets keep the movement solid and hold the tea party to it’s current track of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. If certain tea party candidates start getting corrupt, don’t defend it as a ‘lefty hitjob’, call them out!

    And I’m calling this out. While I mostly agree with Scott Walker, I also despise those who are saying these protesters are ‘freedom haters’ or ‘abusive’ or something as Cal seems to indicate. They’re exercising their freedom of speech, and I commend Scott Walker (so far) for letting them have it.

  7. I am an 8th district voter. When Melissa Bean was our represenative I went to a rally against Obamacare outside her office.

    At the rally there were dozens of people supporting Obamacare who were bussed in from Chicago.

    It’s great if constituents who don’t agree with Joe Walsh’s votes show up at his town halls. He wants them to.

    I was at one about a month ago and there were a few who didn’t agree with him and they were encouraged to ask questions and state their points like everyone else.

    I don’t know whether they were swayed by his answers, but it’s always good to listen to all of your constiuents and Joe has been doing that.

    There were no thugs present telling people to turn off video cameras.

    Obviously the guy can’t be on all sides of an issue but honestly listening to concerns and having the answers to defend his votes is part of the representative process.

    That said, discerning the will of those represented, is corrupted by posers and special interest lobbiests from outside the district.

    Did you know that although Planned Parenthood is legally classified as a not for profit group they made a profit of $63 million last year?

    They are classified as a 501 c.)3 charity.

    How can this be?

    They did about 330,000 abortions last year alone and it’s a very lucrative business.

    The same people who say they want the government to stay out of abortion are the ones who want the government to pay for it.

    Planned Parenthood lobies againt parental notification laws, against reporting laws, and even against partial birth abortion.

    They think delivering all but the head of a baby and then sticking a pair of scissors into it’s brain is a fundamental right.

    They lobbied to keep that practice legal.

    Planned Parenthood bleats on and on about rape and incest whenever the topic of abortion is debated but in practice they have performed hundreds of thousands of abortions on little girls who are under the age of consent.

    How many have they reported to the authorities as possible statuatory rape or incest victims?

    Try zero.

    They don’t report pregnant minors, and they try to follow a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

    They set policy that reflects the minimum required by law and then hire employees who don’t report. This is what our taxes support.


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