Union Dues at McHenry High School District

McHenry West High School after the February 2, 2011, blizzard.

Since McHenry High School District 156 has the hottest school board race in the county, I thought readers might like to know how much its employees spend in union dues.

And the envelope, please…


The way teacher union dues are distiributed.

There are 158 teachers.

Test results for 2008-9 and 2010-11.

Operating expenses are reported as $12,330 per student by the 2009-10 School Report Card.


Union Dues at McHenry High School District — 6 Comments

  1. At over $600 for state and national union bosses each year, no wonder thugs are ranting and chanting in Madison.

    It’s like how a mafia reacts to someone who wants to shut down their protection racket. Everyone pays or else ……….

    Democrats want the “right” to rip off taxpayers and take “union” money out of employee paychecks that then get recycled into their political coffers.

  2. I’m not exactly sure what the info above is telling me. Are you saying a teacher pay a total of $641 per year in union related costs?

    If so, is that unusual or abnormal? I haven’t paid union dues for 25 years so I’m not sure if that is a huge abount or a small amount.

  3. Well stated “You may want to know”. I would love to see these unions donate the money back to the schools because it’s for the kids right?

  4. Dist 156 union dues are a great deal at $641. I paid 10+ times that
    in taxes to dist 200. The union has total control of the school.
    Taxpayers have no control

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