Hot Village Board Race in Barrington Hills

It’s Village President Bob Abboud’s slate versus those who don’t like the way he’s been running things.

The village has been torn by a fight over how much light should be allowed on lots that are, on average, larger than any other municipality in McHenry County.

Save 5 Acre versus Common Sense Party.

Former Democratic Party congressional candidate Abboud is backing the Save 5 Acre group.

But there’s an independent in the mix named David Stieper.  Not exactly an unknown, since he is chairman of the Plan Commission.

A letter from him can be seen below.  Click to enlarge.
An observer writes, “Because of the very vicious nature of the last election, someone prepared a ‘Civility Statement’ for all candidates to sign (they’re one election too late Abboud’s slate was undeniably vicious). Stupid that grown adults would find it necessary to sign such a paper, just like high schoolers signing 0 tolerance contracts.”

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Other candidates who would like to see their messages published are welcomed to email them.  The address is on the left hand side of the page.


Hot Village Board Race in Barrington Hills — 4 Comments

  1. Don’t let Mr. Steiper fool you that he is an “independent” candidate.

    He was the author of the famous Darksky Exterior Lighting Ordinance draft while serving as Plan Commissioner.

    Abboud threw him under the bus, but Mr. Steiper continued to defend this abhorrent over reach of property rights right up until the end.

    During many months of ZBA hearings, he even claimed that the stringent, lumen stingy ordinance would help our village save our 5 acre zoning.

    He make dislike Mr. Abboud now but he sure knows how to pull a community apart and not together.

  2. I attended Mr. Steiper’s informational meeting tonight at Chesies. Mr. Abboud was in attendance too. It became heated when the people in attendance began to ask questions that Mr. Abboud couldn’t or would’t answer. It had to be called to order several times.

    It appears that the glow is off the rose in the Abboud case. If a rope were in the room, I think that Mr. Abboud would have became one of the celing fixtures.
    Mr. Abboud took issue with a few statements that Mr. Steiper made and Mr. Steiper brought out the mins of the village meetings and showed Mr. Abboud to be a teller of partial truths.

    Steiper was very well prepared and spoke well (after all, he is a high line trial lawyer) and was met with much aproval from the gallery. A member of the peanut gallery was most informative when he spoke to the fact that the 5 acres party (all of them) may be in for some rocky times.

    He stated that they were served with some sort of papers, that said they had been accused of “hiding money” and failure to properly report about 15 grand in donations. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE A FELONY!!! I think the newspapers will have a field day with this one….

  3. Please notice that the 5 acre people aren’t saying much about the windfall money that Barry “BUCKS” slipped into their open pockets……And isn’t it strange that all of the Steipers signs are being stolen all over the village?

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