No Guns Within

Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown thinks reporters might want to see what politicians and athletes own guns, that maybe "you might be interested in learnnig whether the parents of your kids' friends keep a gun in the home. Coming from a pro-gun control point-of-view, Brown has not envisioned the danger that might accrue to those identified as not having guns.

No Guns Within

That’s the sign that I’ve suggested those opposed to people being allowed to protect themselves with guns should stick in their front yards since I ran for State Comptroller in 1982.


Now Attorney General Lisa Madiagn’s Public Access Division has taken a step toward allowing burglars to learn houses it is likely to be safest to rob.

Her office has ruled that the names of those with Firearm Owners Identification cards should be made public.

While names would be made public, addresses won’t be.

It won’t take too long before some “public spirited” group will do a cross-match and come up with the addresses.

And post the results on the internet.

That list will be useful to crooks because they will know they should try robbing other homes in the neighborhood.

Ah, the unintended consequences of the actions of government.

I have a FOID card, by the way.

The Illinois State Police is planning to fight the disclosure.

Capitol Fax Blog will probably have a spirited discussion on the subject.


No Guns Within — 6 Comments

  1. I wonder how many gang members and “bad guys/gals” actually are registered and have a FOID?

    If I wanted to find out personal information the state holds about someone, I have to pay for whatever is legally available or hire a private eye or search firm to find out.

    We protect our children’s info and our teachers’ evaluations however gun ownership is going to be public?

    I smell something else going on in addition to what Cal suggested. Gosh forbid the public should be able to arm itself against the “bad guys/gals, corrupt govt.”

    Is this also a type of political “weapon” to point at people who own guns as somehow being bad for public office?

    Big govt. that has a lot more to do than chase this.

  2. I seem to remember that the Village of Morton Grove, many years ago, passed a law similar to Chicago’s, in that you could not own a handgun in the village.

    Shortly after that, the town of Kennasaw, Georgia passed a law stating that to live in their village, you HAD to own a handgun.

    In several trips down to Florida, I’d remembered passing village limit signs for Kennasaw.

    Now, the town has an off-ramp from the interstate leading to the town because so many people wanted to move there and live.


    The crime rate within the village is almost NILL! Gee, I wonder if guns had anything to do with that? Bad guys have guns-why don’t you too?

  3. Cal,

    Does Madigan realize there are minors registered with FOID cards? What in the world is she thinking? Minor names will be public record as well.

    Check out the online FOID application, it asks for adult to sign for minor.

    I also understand even minors hunting with an adult need to carry their own FOID card even though they are not the owner the weapon.

    Another stupid Madigan agenda.

  4. The vote for Conceal/Carry is coming and Mike Madigan is astutely utilizing his influence over the non partisan office of Lisa Madigan to deploy a Weapon of Mass Distraction….

    Get the gun owners looking the wrong way while he rampages over their real rights.

    I give it to the man.

    He is one of the smartest operators I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t worry about FOID cards being released, the State Police won’t follow the order.

    Keep your eyes on the REAL issue to see what will happen in the next weeks.

  5. Agree with For Dee and Alan, I smell an anti-gun skunk in the room.

    llinois is the most anti-gun state in the union – absolutely zero option for concealed carry, plus gun ownership itself is illegal without a state issued permit.

    Probably this is the stealth beginning of a campaign to somehow restrict our 2nd Amendment rights even more.

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