Richmond Township Trustee Vacancy May Be Filled Tonight

Richmond Township Trustee Terri LaDuke decided that she would rather drive the township bus than serve on the board, so she resigned.

Tonight the Township Board is expected to fill the vacancy.

One candidate who is seeking the post is 27-year old Mike Moore.

I asked him about his background and here is his answer:

The Michael Moore family.

“I’m Michael Moore, 27 years old.  I’ve lived in Richmond for 5 years.  I live there with my wife, Nicolette, my son and daughter, and we are expecting a third child in June!

“I’m a 911 dispatcher in a neighboring town, and also a paid-on-call/paid-on-premise firefighter in that same other town.

“I’ve been doing 911 dispatching and firefighting since I graduated high school, taking a year off to be a contract firefighter in Iraq, where I spent a year in Fallujah.

“I can’t really say I know much about how specifically townships operate, or that I have a platform per se, but I’ve been wanting to get involved with government more and more, but I do know that I’ll bring a younger viewpoint to the table, and an energetic attitude.

“I do have a vested interest in the community here because I live here, and my young children are and will be growing up in our community.

“When I was at the last meeting at the beginning of February, there was one other person there, I don’t recall his name, that was interested in the position also.  It seems, to me based on the information, that tonight anyone can show up, announce their candidacy, and then any residents in the audience will vote.”

Usually, the township board makes the selection for vacancies, but it appears that the members have left the seat empty too long, so residents can made the choice themselves.

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Here’s the statute:

(60 ILCS 1/35‑35)

Sec. 35‑35. Filling vacancy in township offices. If a vacancy exists in any township office and the vacancy is not filled within 60 days, the electors at a special township meeting may select a qualified person to fill the vacancy and to serve until the expiration of that term. At the meeting, the electors may select the replacement officer by voice vote, and the person receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared to be elected as the officer.

(Source: P.A. 92‑194, eff. 8‑1‑01.)


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