$3.8 Million in Local School Employee Union Dues of Local School Employees

McHenry County Blog has surveyed school districts with major presences in McHenry County and discovered that union employees paid $3.8 million in dues during calendar year 2010.

The total amount was $3,825,572.

Contracts are typically for more than one year and most expenses would in contract negotiation year.

Most are from dues paid by teachers, but there are also office worker and school bus drivers.

Most go to the Illinois Education Association-National Education Association.

Part of the collective bargaining proposal made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is to end mandatory union membership.

Illinois, of course, has laws that force all employees of a bargaining unit to pay dues.

The legislation would require that teacher union officials collect their own dues, rather than having as a payroll deduction, as is the case in all of the districts below.

To no one’s surprise, employees of the largest district examined, Carpentersville Unit District 300, paid the most dues.  The total was over $1.1 million.

  • Barrington Unit District 220 – $554,555
  • Alden-Hebron Unit District 19 – $22,427
  • Cary Grade School District 26 – $52,254
  • Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 – 315,342
  • Crystal Lake High School District 155 – $287,202
  • Carpentersville Unit District 300 – $1,122,392
  • Fox River Grove Grade School District 3 – $23,599
  • Harvard Unit School District 50 – $96,745
  • Huntley Unit School District 158 – $356,047
  • Johnsburg Unit District 12 – $106,055
  • Marengo-Union Grade School District 165 – $48,778
  • Marengo High School District 154 – $30,005
  • McHenry Grade School District 15 – $207,111
  • McHenry High School District 156 – $109,331
  • Prairie Grove Grade School District 46 – $10,863
  • Richmond-Burton (Nippersink) Grade School District 2 – $59,429
  • Richmond-Burton High School District 157 – $37,592
  • Riley Grade School District 18 – $9,161
  • Wonder Lake (Harrison) School District 36 – $13,249
  • Woodstock Unit School District 200 – $372,595

Teachers walk picket line outside Huntley High School in 2008.


$3.8 Million in Local School Employee Union Dues of Local School Employees — 4 Comments

  1. The state only requires that members pay dues. This does not require that all school employees be members of the CB unit. As a result, not everyone has to pay dues.

  2. Every IEA collective bargaining agreement I have seen includes a “fair share” clause whereas if the employee is not a member of the union, the employee is required to pay their “fair share”. Legalese follows for those interested.

    Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act – 115 ILCS 5/11

    NON-MEMBER FAIR SHARE PAYMENTS: When a collective bargaining agreement is entered into with an exclusive representative, it may include a provision requiring employees covered by the agreement who are not members of the organization to pay to the organization a fair share fee for services rendered.

    The exclusive representative shall certify to the employer an amount not to exceed the dues uniformly required of members which shall constitute each non-member employee’s fair share fee.

    The fair share payment shall be deducted by the employer from the earnings of the non-member employees and paid to the exclusive representative.

  3. Get unions out of schools.

    Government schools do not educate. We’ve had several decades of this, doesn’t anyone see what’s happening to their children?!

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