The Forensicon Contract with Grafton Township

Today I received the following email from Forensicon President Lee Neubecker concerning the images I posted of his contract in this article . He says the first one was from a draft agreement and the second, with Betty Zirk’s and Rob LaPorta’s signatures, was from the final version.

His letter follows and below are the three pages of the contract.

Dear Mr. Skinner,

I think it is important that you know that your blog misrepresents certain facts with regard to our agreement with Grafton Twp.  On your website, (–-part-2-–-forensicon-and-elgin-lock-key-bills-not-approved/) you display page 1 of a draft agreement that was never signed and page 2 of the actual agreement.  I request that you publish the letter of agreement in its entirety so that facts relating to our retention are not misrepresented.  I assume you were not provided the actual signed agreement and received partial data.  Attached is a copy of the letter which includes the original signed agreement.


Lee Neubecker

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The Forensicon Contract with Grafton Township — 8 Comments

  1. “Dear Mr. Skinner . . . your blog misrepresents certain facts.”

    Yep, all the time!

  2. For anyone who takes the time to get to know Cal a little bit, he’s a stand up guy.

    And an original founder of MCC, which the newspapers conveniently forget to ever mention.

  3. @ You may want to know: You must be thinking of Cal Skinner Sr. The owner of this blog is Cal Skinner Jr.

  4. Nothing like getting two back-handed slapdowns in a week. First Abboud & now this. HILARIOUS!!!!

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