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If you are really, really interested in what happened in Judge Michael Caldwell’s courtroom on February 24, 2010, here’s where you can read the transcript that hasn’t already been posted on McHenry County Blog this week.

Grafton Township Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk and Gerry McMahon at a meeting last year.

There were a couple of parts that jumped out at me.

  • a somewhat irritated Judge Caldwell said, “Overruled. I know what it said. I wrote it,” in response to an objection raised by Township Trustees’ attorney Thomas DiCianni objected to the way Linda Moore attorney John Nelson characterized the Judge’s direction on how contracts were to be handled (about 30% into the transcript)
  • “The problem is, is that the deal went down outside of the meeting. It went down outside of city hall or township hall. It went down when Mr. LaPorta cozied up with Mr. Brown and negotiated contract and presented a contract to the board as
    a fait accompli,” Judge Caldwell observed, continuing, “It is not the way public bodies do business — and you know that,” talking over DiCianni (about half way through)
  • “Don’t hold you breath,” the Judge said when asked about IT Solutions, adding, “Not going to happen. Contracts negotiated by Pam Fender do not stand on solid ground in front of me, number one…”
  • “We would ask for sanctions,” DiCianni asked in his concluding remarks.


For Grafton Township Junkies Only — 6 Comments

  1. That’s a lot of transcript to read.

    I liked this part “THE COURT: I don’t blame her. The trustees of the township were going behind her back hiring people to do — to do work and then expecting her to go along with it.” (see transcript for context)

    and this part “Elgin Key & Lock is not payable from township funds. That was number one. It was a bill that was incurred by a trustee on their own to do something which was plainly illegal and which I found to be illegal.”
    (see transcript for context)

    I see a trend here.

    Ah, well, perhaps people will eventually put personalities aside, accept that ….oh never mind. I’m tired of keeping my fingers crossed and hoping.

  2. “uneducated political lackey”……?

    That may be your opinion but Pam has more integrity in her fingernail than Linda has in her entire being.

  3. Yes, I agree with the the “political lackey” part…don’t know about her education…only problem I see is that Linda was elected and will be reelected if she chooses to put herself through this again. Fender was appointed by 3 clowns and a follower.

  4. Check out Fender’s lack of education.

    Looks like the judge was unimpresed with anything that Fender did.

    Democrats like seeingthelight think having vendors illegally perform work shows “integrity.”

    The trustees created a money disaster for taxpayers when they hired an illegal Scam-Pam. They will try to spin it as only a Fender-Bender.

    Fender was glad to take the taxpayers’ money and benefits for showing up and basically doing a bunch of nothing. Unless you believe “something” is trying to start a cat fight with Moore. LaPorta wanted someone who’s “qualifications” included “willing to cat fight.”

    I hope the vendors who got stiffed, head to small claims court to get their money from the trustees or Scam-Pam, whoever hired them.

  5. You,

    I know this is shocking but I personally think you’re the one lacking in education.

    If you knew Pam at all, you’d know that she only wants to help people of this community. The “nothing” that you talk about her doing everyday is the largest load of b.s.

    I’ve read next to the slanted interpretations of Cal’s take on the Stupervisor of Grafton.

    Apparently you are unaware of the GOOD things Pam has done for the community while trying to do a job she was hired to do.

    If you think she enjoyed the interactions with the Stupervisor, you are living in some fantasy land and should probably lay of the meds. One example off the top of my head is the computer lab for the community she put together at no cost to the township.

    Quit attacking Pam for the actions of the trustees and the Stupidvisor.

    Take your personal vendetta out somewhere else.

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