New Broom Sweeps Away Ridgefield Train Station

The site owned by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and the estate of his partner is circled in red. It was optioned by Metra. The competing site is owned by Craig Steagall and a partner. It is circled in yellow.

Phil Pagano is gone as Executive Director of Metra and, under his replacement Alex Clifford, the agency has decided to drop the Ridgefield train station option.

“We are allowing the option on the land to lapse,” said Metra Board member Jack Schaffer.

He said “a total review of the college location and the Lily Pond Road location” will be undertaken.

“The college has gotten fairly energized and they would like to have a station near the campus, rather than Lily Pond Road,” the former State Senator revealed.

“The college has been consulted and with $5 gas on the horizontal, they (are more interested in a station than before),” he continued.

Asked on whose authority the decision was made, Schaffer said it was “on the authority of the Executive Director, but he consulted with the board Friday.”

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Framery owner Jim Roden recently sent this letter to Metra about his concerns about locating a new train station next to Alexander Lumber in Ridgefield.


New Broom Sweeps Away Ridgefield Train Station — 1 Comment

  1. And was there a study conducted my the McHenry County College to determine just home many of the students or staff are REALLY IN NEED and would use the Metra ?

    I dont think it would justify the need. Crystal Lake already has 2 stations, and woodstock doesn’t need a 2nd location, that is unless Metra just wants to spend million and million of wasted dollars for this.

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