Franks Ignores Schools in Transparency Bill

In this photo, Jack Franks could be reacting to a reporter's asking him why he left the biggest form of local government out of his transparency bill.


A lopsided vote.

Definitely not a controversial bill.

It was sponsored by Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks.

Here’s what legislators saw when they voted upon it:

“Provides that the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal (ITAP) shall also include a searchable database of a

  • counties,
  • townships, and
  • municipal

employees sorted by the employing unit of local government, employment position title, and current pay rate and year-to-date pay.

“Amends the Counties Code, the Township Code, and the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that

  • counties,
  • townships, and
  • municipalities

must comply with the requirements established by the Department of Central Management Services concerning ITAP.”

Do you notice anything missing in the governmental units listed that have to reveal employee’s pay?


I guess I put in the title, so this is not much of a quiz.

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