Turnberry Country Club Solicits Members

A golf membership card arrived in the mail today from the Turnberry Country Club. The club has even figured out that my wife has played golf most recently, but somehow managed to call her a "Jr."

No initiation fees.

That’s what the post card I got today at my non-Turnberry Lakewood home said.

Just spend $355 a a month, if you join on your own, or $580 a month for the whole family.  Tennis courts included, but I don’t see mention of the swimming pool.

Four types of memberships are available at Turnberry Country Club.

The Turnberry Country Club, of course, was what Lakewood’s Turnberry Subdivision was built around.  It was a private club, but fell upon hard times.

There’s a lot of that going around, I believe.

See Lakewood’s “ Red Tail Golf Course in Trouble,” for instance.

Now, Turnberry is apparently loosening membership requirements.

I’ve wondered more than once recently why Lakewood’s taxpayer-owned golf course could not be combined with Turnberry.  The village could allow widening of roads between the two courses so golf carts could go from one to the other.

The Red Tail Golf Course Clubhouse would never be put on a promotional piece.

Maybe share clubhouse profits, if any.

Lakewood residents might want to attend the 6 PM village board budget hearing next Tuesday evening.

The bonds for buying the golf course will finally be paid off after this year’s taxes are collected.

Taxpayers will own the property and the question is what to do with it.

Advocates of Red Tail undoubtedly want to build a new club house to replace the trailers and, as long as I and other real estate taxpayers have no personal exposure, I guess that’s worth considering.

Watch my reaction if there is a proposal similar to the one in the early 1990’s, however.

Then, three of us when to a village board meeting.  I asked if it “was ever going to cost me a dime” and was told it would not, that the bonds to finance buying it would be revenue bonds, not general obligation bonds.

A former village trustee expressed the opinion that the village should not even consider being in the golf course business and Jim Bishop pointed out that golf courses were in trouble all over the county.

The definition of "member" is being loosened at Turnberry.

Imaging my astonishment when I discovered some sweet talking bond adviser convinced the village board to issue what are called “double-barreled” bonds.  They provide for payment by the general taxpayer (you and me) if the project’s revenue is inadequate to pay off the debt.

It was and we paid.

$500 a year.

That annual cost made me such a believer in having referendums before a public body can go into debt!

If my village board decides to follow that example, expect to see me petition in hand at my Lakewood neighbor’s doors…even if it is 10 degrees below zero.


Turnberry Country Club Solicits Members — 3 Comments

  1. I must have missed the story about your change of ‘gender’ cal?

    Mr. Michele G. Skinner?

    Now that would have made for a jim dandy of a read!!

    “Former State Rep. Calvin Skinner Jr, has trans gender reassignment procedure.” Story at 10pm!

    So Cal, has there been some kind of management contract and what is the cost and who is paying it? Most importantly, what is the “Bail Out” clause, in case the powers that be find a newer friend they want to come in to take this thing over.

    Or, is the “Kemper Sports” company betting on the come and the tax payers are off the hook?

  2. Double barreled bonds…isn’t that what is financing the new Erin Smith water tower?

  3. That’s my understanding, but utility revenues are a bit more reliable than greens fees.

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