Joe Walsh Holds Town Hall Meeting, Jack Franks Checks Out Potential Competition

Congressman Joe Walsh held a Town Hall Meeting at McHenry County College’s Shah Center in McHenry Tuesday night.

Congressman Joe Walsh answers a question at his MCC Shah Center Town Hall Meeting in McHenry Tuesday night.

It was packed.

There was a special guest sitting it the back row of the room.

State Representative Jack Franks.

Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks attended Joe Walsh's Town Hall Meeting in McHenry. It appears Franks is recordng the event.

He was scoping out Walsh, undoubtedly just in case Franks decides to challenge Walsh after reapportionment, which Democrats completely control in Illinois.


Walsh introduced Franks to the overflow audience.

Member of the audience raise their hands, presumeably in respnose to a question by Congressman Joe Walsh.

He answered questions and apparently asked at least one.

Congressman Joe Walsh confers with one of his McHenry County constituents.

There was time for one-on-one contact.


Joe Walsh Holds Town Hall Meeting, Jack Franks Checks Out Potential Competition — 9 Comments

  1. Lot smaller crowd that the post election town hall. A lot smaller.

  2. Attendance exceeded the maximum room occupancy, 150 people. McHenry County College officials started seating people in the hallway outside the room. When he addressed the crowd, Franks told everyone in attendance that he wished his town halls drew a similar crowd. Walsh is doing three town hall meetings this week alone and each will similarly be packed.

  3. The punk in the pink shirt and suit next to Franks is holding the camera. He doesn’t look like he’s too happy that his picture is being taken despite the fact that he is recording Walsh. Who is he? What is his name? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Somewhat classless for Franks to show up with and sit next to his staff person who was recording Walsh with a video camera. Franks should have had the foresight to leave the camera in the car or at a minimum sit away from the camera and try to appear a statesman.

  5. I think Franks would be up against Don Manzulo. Walsh is in a different congressional district unless Franks moves from Marengo.

  6. BTW Franks wouldn’t stand a chance against Manzullo. He is well likes in his district.

  7. Justin, this is the year of redistricting. Franks can create his own district within McHenry County and run if he wants to, if Madigan wants to.

    I still want to know who the young guy with the camera sitting next to Franks is.

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