County on Hook for Bianchi, Synek Legal Fees

The bills of the three defense attorneys in this photo will presumably be picked up by McHenry County taxpayers. Left of and behind defendant McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi are his defense lawyers, Terry Ekl and his assistant Tracy Stanker. Bianchi's assistant Joyce Synek is seen with her attorney Ernest DiBenedetto on the right side of the photo. The smiles are anticipatory since Judge Joseph McGraw was still contemplating the decision when it was taken.

I written before than my 1980’s divorce was contentious and expensive.

After the legal bills got to $100,000, I stopped counting.

Having watched Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s crusade against McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, I’m confident that defense counsel’s bill will be more than $100,000.

After all Tonigan has billed $312,000 and that’s only through November.

Add to that Joyce Synek’s lawyer’s bill.

And, as McHenry County Blog reported Quest International, the firm Tonigan hired as his investigator, has at least another $87,000 to bill McHenry County taxpayers.

Since Quest’s bills are included in the $312,000 mentioned above, Tonigan’s price totals $399,000, plus any bills he and assistant Thomas McQueen may request for services since the end of November.

The county taxpayers are easily on the hook for over $500,000 at this point, probably closer to $600,000, and that doesn’t count the second set of indictments Tonigan and McQueen have filed that involve “nephews” whose relationship both Bianchi and his Chief investigator Ron Salgado say are nonexistent or, at best, tenuous, that is, not what you or I would call a nephew.

Maybe after seeing the detail that Bianchi attorney Terry Ekl convinced Judge Joesph McGraw to produce this week, the County Board will decide not to pay it all. (For instance, couldn’t the McHenry County Sheriff served subpoenas more cheaply than Quest?)


County on Hook for Bianchi, Synek Legal Fees — 9 Comments

  1. Couldn’t find a Northwest Herald apology for asking or wanting Bianchi to resign or step aside well before the trial. Politics was more important than “they have nothing.”

    Maybe they will send it to Cal for publication.

  2. All Lou Supporters, The Boycott begins TODAY!!!! NO MORE slanted and false reporting allowed….Cancel Today!

    Get your news right here. Thank you Cal Skinner for your wonderful coverage.

    This is the only way we would have gotten the “Rest of the Story!!”

    I canceled my Newspaper Subscription this morning, should have done it years ago.

    Show the press who has the power…

  3. With you BigBird — NWH is a sad excuse for a paper. Waste of money

  4. What is the law that allows Judge Graham to order the County Board to pay all bills that he approves?

    Why didn’t the County Board start fighting those legal bills a long time ago?

  5. Can’t agree more; cancel subscriptions, cancel ads.

    Starting with the year the Northwest Herald came into the county with their slogan/bumper stickers “I got slanted in the Northwest Herald”, McHenry County started its nosedive into the political sewer it’s become.

    Time to turn this around, starting with the next election.

  6. Today, we must start first by cleaning out the sewer from which miss-information is spewed.

    Cancel ALL ADVERTISEMENTS, all subscriptions.. NOW, pick up that phone, please.

    Today is a day for the “People” with Lou as our Leader! Support him by taking out the ‘artillery’ depot…..

    We know where the “Bunker Hiders” are! Pound their wallet!!

  7. Interesting how the NWH chose this time period to not allow comments on their comment page regarding current newspapers articles… just a coincidence I guess!

    Maybe they just did not want to read comments about their one-sided reporting.

  8. Really – you have hit the nail on the head. Cancel your papers. They should not be making a dime for their bias.

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