Differential Voter Turnout

From the March 24, 2010, Chicago Tribune

So, what’s this got to do with McHenry County.

Just an excuse to offer this observation:

Voter turnout this year will be so low that any candidate can still win.

It would surprise me not at all if voter turnout is well below 20% of the registered voters.

In such a contest, any candidate can win.

All one has to do is get more of your supporters to the polls than the opponent or opponents.

You do that by following Abraham Lincoln’s advice to identify your supporters and get them to the polls.

Easy to say.

Not easy to do.

Most candidates, including myself in times past, are not aggressive enough in encouraging, repeatedly encouraging their supporters to vote.

We are now in the early voting stage of the election. That’s how the Democrats managed to get a majority for Barack Obama in McHenry County in 2008.

No reason why local candidates can do the same.


Differential Voter Turnout — 3 Comments

  1. This is the reason Grafton Township got stuck with Linda Moore, a woman bent on driving the township to bankrupcy

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