County McHenry County Officials Talk about Energy Efficiencies

Ken Koehler appears on a professionally produced YouTube explanation of how Federal dollars were used to make county buildings more energy efficient.

McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and John Hadley, Director of Facilities, are featured on a YouTube presentation about the use of Federal dollars to improve energy efficiency.

New LED lights have been installed in the parking lots which use less energy. Instead of using 400 watt bulbs, the new ones are 110 watts.

Hadley talks about the retrofitting of windows, which don’t have a big payback, have gotten rid of drafts that employees used to complain about.

Skylights and new R-5 lights with motion censers were installed in the Highway Department Garage.

Also made more energy efficient was the Highway Garage. Utility costs went down 14%, Hadley reports.

Koehler says he wants this Federal program continued.


County McHenry County Officials Talk about Energy Efficiencies — 1 Comment

  1. I believe this is a good ‘jump off’ point.

    I think the real story here is the video itself, what it represents.

    I applaud Chairman Keohler for jumping on board with the idea of Putting his ideas and his work product out here for the taxpayers to see.

    Often times its easy to take shots at our local Pols because we can’t really put a face and personality, a ‘human factor’ if you will, on our elected officials.

    Good Idea Ken. Perhaps you can continue this forum each month? Just to let the folks know who Ken Keohler is and what you are working towards.

    Well done and please let us know where we might find your monthly ‘message.’

    It’s easy to take pot shots at those who step forward whom we really do not know as a father, or mother, or grandparent. We only know what Political adversaries ‘paint.’

    Ken Keohler was a business neighbor to me years ago. I always found Ken to be forthright, a regular kind of guy you could sit and visit with.

    And, when he made a deal, he kept his word.

    I’m glad I got to see this video it has helped restored some of my lost faith.

    Thanks Cal for posting this. Thank you Ken.

    Quickly, I would really like to see a video posting from McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz.

    She is an amazingly bright woman and I feel this same type of information based medium would suit her well.

    Let’s hope all the wars are behind us and we can move forward to better McHenry County.

    Any takers?

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