Island Lake Protest Planned for Thursday Night

A press release from the organizers of the demonstration:

“A protest is planned for Thursday, March 31 in front of the Island Lake village hall (located at 3720 Greenleaf Avenue) between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

From left to right, Ancel Glink Partner Stewart Diamond, Village President Debbie Herrmann with Trustee John Ponio in the foreground.

“Dozens of protesters are expected to show up and peacefully voice their disagreement with the Mayor’s recent action to file a lawsuit, using taxpayer funds to sue four Trustees who have made recent changes to ordinances, limiting the Mayor’s power to spend money on attorneys without board approval and to limit the involvement of the current (un-appointed) attorney in an attempt to halt the out of control spending of legal fees.

“The four trustees have moved to hire their own attorney at a lower rate who will represent them and village business at a much reduced annual amount.

“Currently the village has spent an estimated $250,000 on legal fees for the fiscal year that ends May 1. Only $90,000 was budgeted.

“The growing legal fees have been a growing issue in Island Lake and are the focus of the protest.

“Residents want the Mayor to work something out with the board over filing a lawsuit that will cost the taxpayers an estimated $20,000 or more.

The growing legal fees stem from

  • numerous lawsuits,
  • investigations of employees,
  • firing of employees,
  • excessive advice from lawyers on FOIA questions, versus using the PAC at no cost.

“Protesters want the spending to stop and they want the Mayor to drop the lawsuit and work with the board.

“The lawsuit was filed and is the next court date is scheduled for May 11.”

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More about the dispute here:

Island Lake Trustees Sack Ancel Glink


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