Island Lake Campaign Literature

Into my inbox came campaign literature from one side of the Island Lake fight today.

It’s from the “Right Party.” These are the folks who opposed Village President Debbie Herrmann’s way of running the village.

You can read it below:

They are the first three on the ballot:

  • Shannon Fox
  • Thea Morris
  • Joe Ptak

I see from the literature above that the Daily Herald has not endorsed Joe Ptak.

Little wonder, since his insistence that the League of Women Voters pledge Allegiance to the Flag at the group’s Grayslake candidates’ night probably led to the narrow defeat of Daily Herald favorite Melissa Bean by Joe Walsh.

This race has garnered endorsements for Ptak from now-Congressman Joe Walsh and State Senator Dan Duffy. Such involvement is unusual for legislators.

At the bottom of the ballot are Herrmann allies

  • Charles Cermak
  • Mary Piekarki
  • Allen Murvine

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