Mark Indyke Outlines Woodstock City Council Thoughts

A message to Woodstock voters from Woodstock City Council candidate Mark Indyke:

Mark Indyke

The first question usually asked of a candidate is: Why are you running for office?

Let me preface my answer by telling you a little bit about myself. Some years ago, I acquired a cattle farm in a little town called Snow Camp, North Carolina. I didn’t know anything about farming and I was introduced to my neighbors with some trepidation, as I was the only Yankee in Snow Camp.

After visiting my neighbors, they would simply say “I will help you any way that I can” and after four years, with their help, I became a proficient farmer.

Since then, ‘I will help you any way that I can’ has become my mantra. And that is why I am running for City Council, to help the city of Woodstock “in any way I can”.

If elected to office,

  • I will support the recommendations from our voluntary commissions.
  • I will continue to be the voice and advocate for the disenfranchised.
  • I will represent the interests of small business.
  • I believe strongly that our City has to be proactive in becoming energy self sufficient.
  • We must investigate and implement renewable energy for city vehicles, increase public transportation and install bike paths.
  • We should actively recruit state of the art wind and solar energy manufactures.

Before voting and placing your faith in a candidate, it is not only important to research the candidates’ qualifications but to investigate their prior actions and decisions.

  • How did they vote on Council decisions?
  • Were they able to vote or did they have to recues themselves because of conflict of interest?
  • Have they regularly attended Council meetings to stay abreast of the issues?
  • Do they belong to and contribute to local civic and charitable organizations?
  • Have they participated in and helped organize local charity fund raisers?
  • Have they attended and supported community events?
  • Did they serve in the Armed Forces?

An informed voter is my best asset. To research my position on the various issues, one can search for my name on the past agendas tab on the Woodstock web site at and read my letters to the editor at The Woodstock Independent.

Please vote Tuesday, April 5th.

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