Mid-March MoveOn.Org Video Surfaces

Terry Kappel sent me a 13 minute video of the MoveOn.Org demonstration in Woodstock on March 15th.

The “Save the Dream” video was produced by Tom Jacobsen and provides a better idea of what happened at the McHenry County rally than anything else out there.

You can take a look at the YouTube video below:

"Stop the Lie. American is not broke."

The video starts with what looks like a painted bed sheet, which you see above.

The crowd here was chanting, "This is what democracy looks like."

There was a good turnout.

A couple of the cheerleaders are seen above.

“Don’t cut teachers, don’t cut cops.  Collect the taxes from the top,” was one of the chants.

"We're all in this mess together," reads one sign.

As in the Tea Party demonstrations in Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Cary and Lake in the Hills, some cars honked their horns.

One of the vehicle honking its horn.

There seemed to be move agreement shown by horn honking to the Tea Party signs there than on this video of Woodstock.

John Darger played his guitar. One song was "This land belongs to me and you."

Algonquin Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Robert Waddell was wearing his trademark cap and carrying an AFSCME sign saying, "It's about freedom!"

The crowd was relatively large around Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Woodstock.

I couldn’t find any decent shots of counter demonstrators across the street.

One sign said, "I (heart) Wisconsin Workers."

"Walk in our shoes. Don't tread on our rights," a red sign read.

And one final view from the 13-minute YouTube:

"This Sign Cost More Than the Bank of America Paid in Taxes," is the message here



Mid-March MoveOn.Org Video Surfaces — 7 Comments

  1. It was difficult to pick out the Tea Party counter protesters. There are only about 10 of them. They were standing on the southwest corner of Dean and South Street. (As seen at the 0:55 mark in the video).

    They were shouting angry slogans, about the damnable public employees who dare to think they should have the right to negotiate the terms of their employment.

    Wait, wasn’t that an armed union man standing next to them?

    Oh, no, I’m sorry that was just a police officer, soon to be public slave.

    I just could see him from their perspective.

  2. This video was taken early, before the crowd reached over 150. Of course the Northwest Hearld reporter arrived a half hour after the rally ended. If a crowd rallies in the middle of the county, and the Northwest Hearld was not there to see it, it must not have happened, right?
    By the looks of their lack of coverage, it must not have happened.

  3. the last sign says it all for me … we’re seriously considering cutting school lunch programs while the corporations FEAST in this country’s corporate tax-free environment? this has got to stop, and what you see here is only the beginning.

    the thing that i found interesting was the tea party cadre shouting that we were “commies.” i don’t think commies even exist anymore, do they? not even the commies are commies, as evidenced by the growing capitalistic appetites of the former iron curtain countries. and, while we were singing “this land is your land, this land is my land,” the amount of blue language directed at us from the other side of the street made this [definitely] a PG-13 rated event.

  4. I love the sign “Stop the Lie. American is not broke.” We are not broke, we are in just debt in the tune of $14,272,898,642,000. If everyone would just shell out $50k we would be OK! 🙂

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