Photos from the Island Lake Demonstration

Besides the getting the boot sign, I think another says, ""$250,000 in (something, referring to the legal fees) Piggy Bank Broke." Maybe you can make out other signs by clicking to enlarge the picture.

“Spending Our Loot Will Get You the Boot,” reads the sign carried by one man in last week’s pre-Island Lake Village Board meeting demonstration in front of Village Hall.

"Stop Dictator Debbie," is one of the sign's message. Another says, "Pay Your Own Attorney's Fees."

Citizens backing opponents to Village President Debbie Herrmann turned out in force to express their opinions over what they considered excessive legal fees paid to Ancel Glink.

A video can be found here.

This is a scene from the video. "i, 2, 3, 4." Response: "We don't want an attorney war." "5, 6, 7, 8." Response: "Stop the suit. It's not too late."

I can’t remember more picketers outside of any other local village or city hall.


Photos from the Island Lake Demonstration — 1 Comment


    In the hotly contested 2009, Island Lake Mayoral & Trustees election there were 1,153 total votes cast.

    With SEVEN HOURS TILL POLLS CLOSE, this could be a record turnout of voters in Island Lake. Vote count should exceed 30% of registered voters. Lake and McHenry voter turnout is running at under 20% as reported.

    Lakemoore Banquets, in the town of Lakemoore, is the polling station used by a very small sub-division (25 homes) on the north end of town. At 9:45 this morning they had a total 20 people vote…14 of them were from Island Lake!

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