Island Lake Opponents to Village President Win Two Seats

Two of three challengers to Village President Debbie Herrmann's regime led in the McHenry County portion of Island Lake.

Again with the caveat that all early and absentee ballots may not be included in these totals, two out of three of the critics of the way Village President Debbie Herrman has run the Village of Island Lake came out victorious.

The women on the slate of challengers–Shannon Fox and Thea Morris–won convincingly, with Morris leading third and fourth-placed finishers Charles Cermak and one of his running mates Allen Muvine by over 50 votes, 612 to 559.

Cermak and Muvine got the same number of votes in this preliminary tally.

Placing last was Joe Ptak, the man who initiated the Pledge of Allegiance at the Garyslake League of Women Voter’s candidates’ night.

He was 35 vote behind the tied Cermak and Muvine and 42 votes behind Herrmann party candidate Mary Piekarski.

Ptak’s candidacy was endorsed by both Congressman Joe Walsh and State Senator Dan Duffy.


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