MCC Board…And the MCC Board Winners Are…The Two Women

I’ve been harping for years about how women have an advantage at the ballot box.

The election results from the most recent McHenry County College Board election add some evidence.

Now readers with retentive memories will also remember than being first on a long ballot is worth about an extra 10% at the ballot box. Second and last place are worth an extra 5%.

So one could argue that being first on the ballot helpd Linda Liddell come in first.

A George Lowe sign.

And, maybe you can see an extra 5% for incumbent George Lowe, who was last on the ballot.

But, you can’t see it for the second incumbent, an appointed one, Robert DeWitt, who didn’t equal Lowe in votes.

Of course, Low put up signs and DeWitt did not.  And Lowe has won election many times.

But, how to explain Cynthia Kisser’s victory with her ballot position right in the middle of all the candidates’ names?

She was endorsed by the Northwest Herald.

But so was Robert Jackson and Gordon Tebo.  Jackson came in next to last. Tebo was fifth out of eight.

But she is also a woman.

I would welcome your analysis in the comment section.

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In an earlier article, I noted Dennis Adams’ commanding lead for the two-year slot, but let me show you the final results here:


MCC Board…And the MCC Board Winners Are…The Two Women — 2 Comments

  1. Dennis Adams: over 10K. Or is that Denise? Granted his seat was technically separate but it will be functionally equivalent to the ladies’ for the next two years.

  2. You are correct. I covered that in an earlier article, but should have include Denis Adams’ victory here, too.

    He was running against a man, by the way.

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