Rumor That Brown Resigning as Grafton Township Auditor Not Confirmed by Supv. Linda Moore

The following is a press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Linda Moore

There has been a request by Pete Gonigam of the First Electric Newspaper for my response to the resignation of Wayne Brown from performing the 2009-2010 township audit.

At this time I have not received any contact from Mr. Brown

  • in writing or
  • on the phone or
  • electronically.

It is my understanding from the court order that as Township Supervisor, I am the contact person for the township with the auditor.

It is unclear to me how this unconfirmed resignation has come to be a news interest.

Linda Moore, Grafton TWP Supervisor


Rumor That Brown Resigning as Grafton Township Auditor Not Confirmed by Supv. Linda Moore — 10 Comments

  1. Linda Moore, is it true that you and your personal attorney John Nelson have trying to prevent and stop Wayne Brown from doing any work for Grafton Township?

    Why are you working so hard to stop this audit?

    Why is it necessary to pay the $700K loan to the road district in one payment when it was agreed by all parties to pay this in three installments?

    Does Grafton have $700K on hand to make this payment? If payment is made in this manner will it cripple or bankrupt the township?

    Cal, I know you are close to Linda Moore. Will you please comment on these questions.

  2. Amazing, I received the e-mail of this letter of resignation from Brown and Linda’s e-mail was also on there so she did receive this electronically.

  3. Cal, there has to be more to this story. I’m looking forward to you checking it out and then offering your insight.

    Linda, what gives? Will you ever comply and submit your records to an audit?

  4. It seems that there is a lot more to this story than is being told. Since this is a blog site, I assume there will be inaccuracies but this is ridiculous. For another take and more information, the FEN has posted a story that describes something completely different. What childish, ridiculous games!!!

    Just a snippet from the FEN article.

    “After a vaguely threatening letter from Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney, CPA firm Brown and Company withdrew its services from “this vicious environment”, according to letters provided FEN Tuesday…..In a letter to Brown Friday, Moore’s attorney, John Nelson, questioned how the audit contract was arrived at and the “efficacy” of a preliminary Brown audit questionnaire. In an answer Monday owner Wayne Brown asked what business it was of Nelson’s since he’s Moore’s personal attorney, not the Township’s official counsel, then resigned from conducting the audit.”

  5. Linda seems full of “merda” on this.

    Cal, what’s going on? You the champion of the taxpayer might want to look into this. Grafton Taxpayers need to know if Linda is cooking the books.

  6. Well, I now recieved a hard copy of the letter in the mail today. That was also sent to everyone on the board. Can’t say that you didn’t get it now. It was sent electronically and by mail. This audit should have been done a year ago. What is the reason for stalling? I just don’t get it.

  7. “this vicious environment” – Nice legacy Linda.

    Moore lies are really no surprise. Lied to get elected.

  8. Why does Linda keep delaying the audit?
    What has she done with the finances?
    When will there be an audit?

  9. Elected official Linda Moore, when can we expect the audit?
    Why are you stonewalling this?

  10. BFF Cal, are you good with this kind of behavior from an elected official?
    Haven’t you blogged when your FOIA’s go unanswered?
    You being a former elected official (and taxpayer advocate) might be careful. Moore’s stench may cling to you.

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