A Slice of Lakewood

Spring had just begun to pop my daffodils when summer came.

It was delightful driving around my neighbor after attending the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake.  Newcomers call it “The Gates.”  That’s probably a real estate salesperson’s moniker for what is about a 400-home subdivision called Country Club Additions.

Taking home one of the two friends who slept over Saturday night, we found this toilet-papered home at the intersection of Broadway and Melrose Lane (Gate 10).

The flowering trees have not yet popped, but some teens gave two decorations of a different nature when they TPed them. Blowing in the wind.

Two fishermen were out trolling in front of CCAPOA’s Gate 7 Beach.

The swimming bouys are not yet up and boats are not anchored, so it was easy to fish this close to Crystal Lake's shoreline.

Two bicyclers had stopped to sun themselves on the beached raft.

Beats getting a sandy back and the view is hard to beat.

A power boat was being launched at the Gate 7 ramp.

"Keys Time " was being launched at the property owners' boat ramp. Any of the 400+ homeowners have the right to launh their boats at the ramp, if they join CCAPOA and buy a boat key.

Since my Class of 1960 high school classmate Mike Firth’s family lived at this home two lots from the boat launching, these scilla have probably been multiplying. I’m been trying to make the land next to Lake Avenue look like this. Maybe 50 years from now it will.

Scillia brighten this lawn on Lake Short Drive in Lakewood.

Both Gate 3 swings were filled with families enjoying the 87-degree day weather.

Gate 3 has a great view of the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach House.

Others were walking their dogs.

Gate 21 proven irresistable to this woman who was walking her dog.

Other neighbors were out raking leaves One said she really disliked having to put them in bags, a view I whole heartedly share.

This man has a higher tech solution to putting his leaves in bags. Guess when one lives in an oak-hickory forest, getting rid of leaves is a necessary evil.

This little pooch had just finished romping in Crystal Lake.

This little dog went swimming or at least wading at Gate 13 Beach.

Other dog walkers were at the Gate 13 Beach. In the background, a lake front property owner’s pier has been pulled from shore by the melting ice.

So, if you haven't taken your pier in before the lake froze, how do you retireve it when it ends up out in the lake?

My neighbor has drainage problems which he was trying to fix by digging a ditch toward the dry well in front of his home.

Hostas cover the corner every fall.

Some daffodils on Lake Avenue have made their appearance. The tree house can be seen behind the fence.

In the southeast nook next to the sun porch, the daffodils really made their presence known today. Last night there was only one blooming.

This is what happens when one does not divide and transplant daffodils.

The clouds are rolling in, so it’s time to plant those bulbs I didn’t get in last December that are sprouting the in garage. Maybe I can salvage them.

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