Deer Park Area Residents Crowd Joe Walsh Towns Hall Meeting

The meeting was held in the Vehe Barn on Cuba Road in Deer Park.

The Vehe Barn was the location of Joe Walsh's latest Town Hall Meeting, Deer Park

Looking at it and the clouds in the sky, I’m reminded of the mob storming Frankenstein’s Castle with torches and pitch forks.

Joe Walsh walked among the crowd answering and asking questions.

Two hundred people turned out as Joe Walsh redefines what “participatory democracy” means in the 8th Congressional District.

Here’s a view from above the rafters:

A report from the scene says,

Every topic you can imagine was covered including

  • hemp as an alternative energy source
  • the debt ceiling
  • Obamacare
  • unemployment
  • Homeland Security matters and
  • the always fun subject of taxes.


Deer Park Area Residents Crowd Joe Walsh Towns Hall Meeting — 4 Comments

  1. Now will these same people show up at their respective “town” meetings tonight. The one that really hits them in their wallets. It is the second Tuesday of April, and by law, every township is having their Annual Town Meeting.

  2. The “reporter on the scene” might want to consider reporting in a more professional manner by using correct terms like “health care refore” instead of biased and slanted terms like “Obamacare,” which even Congressman Walsh was called out on in one of his own townhall’s last month in Grayslake.

    Additionally, it would be accurate to define “questions asked” and “topics discussed” as the woman who brought up hemp as an alternative energy source never was able to get Congressman Walsh to provide an answer to her question, nor did he suggest he would investigate it further, as he has with other constituents at his meetings.

    It would also be nice to see an article on what was actually discussed by our Congressman and fellow constituents, while providing some concreteness to the examination by including his voting record. If Cal Skinner is unable to come up with actual news for us regarding such events, perhaps I should, or one of our fellow constituents should send in an actual in depth report on these issues affecting us both locally and at a national level.

  3. What I find refreshing is our elected congressman is coming out to the people to talk as he promised prior to the election. He has held many of these meetings to directly answer questions and to seek input for the voters.

    Joe here is a hearty handshake and a pat on the back for doing what you said you would do! Well Done Joe!

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